Friday, August 14, 2009

fat man falling down

hi all.

this morning, at my 8 am coffee shop, I saw a short fat man come in and get a lot of food to go.
He was maybe 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed maybe about 300 lbs! He could hardly walk.
He left by the front door, then he tripped on something and fell down, spilling his bags all over the sidewalk.
After people helped him get his stuff together, he walked poorly off.

Sad. I could feel the swarm of silent comments from the people who see him, as he walks.
"too fat"!
"maybe you *ought* to shed a few pounds"!
Surely he feels this from people, which probably adds to his misery.

I sat there, later, wondering.....

Is he unhappy because he is fat?
is he fat because he is unhappy?!

"fat": what I mean by this, is that there comes a Point, in someone's heaviness, where the Fat Gets In the Way, of that person's life. As a senior who is skinny, I note that most of the people here at the senior home, where I live, are a bit Overweight, sometimes muchly so. Interesting that these heavy people are often 85 to 90+ years old! In fact, I read that a bit overweight people live longer than the thinner old people: more reserves for sickness, on their bodies.

From my spirit trainings, there are ideas that probably can never ever talk about to most people, here in Tallahassee.
for instance: this fat man! let me suppose that if i could look at his past lives, I would find that he had died of starvation on a recent lifetime and even the more indicative, that he lived a series of lives where he was hungry all of the time and the food that he ate only kept him alive just enough to BE hungry 24/7! a gnawing hunger, life after life.
*now*he lives in a time of abundance, but he has a 500 pound karma-gorilla on the end of the teeter-totter of "karmic balance life" and he needs to balance this out.

eat and eat like there will be no more food at all tomorrow!
no one can learn his lesson *for* him! he has got to know what the "over reaction" is! got to feel it in his bones, what it is to overeat.

therefore he Must overeat, until he can synthesis the "thesis. antithesis. synthesis"!

yet another example of Suffering in slow motion!!


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