Friday, August 28, 2009

the naked bicyclist

The man well known around Tallahassee as "Speedo Man" may have taken it too far.

An avid bicyclist who regularly rides around town wearing only a thong, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for exposing himself in three different instances, according to an arrest warrant provided by the Tallahassee Police Department.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound guy was booked into the Leon County Jail at 6:45 p.m. Thursday.

Investigator wrote in the probable cause warrant that Officer B. first responded to the office at the Greenwood Mobile Home Park on St. Augustine Road, where he spoke with the office manager

hi all. I saw him the other day. On his bike. nearly naked.
Was he endowed with a good body? I feel not. I would not feel proud of it.

He has been seen riding all over town, at all times of day.
Apparently he was indeed often riding naked, no cover at all on anything.

When I read this, this morning, I wondered about why he does this? I tried to "get into his mind" a bit. Maybe he has deep convictions, like of someone that I know, part Indian, who strongly feels that no one should ever ever have to pay rent or money for a place to live, as "land cannot be owned by anyone"!
he chooses to live Homeless.

Someone told me today that in high school he was severely injured in the head.
maybe this ruined his brain.

which brings me to Huger Issues!

All of these homeless people with mental conditions. If civilization is like of a city bus, in order for it to work, everyone must be going the same way!
In many countries the supersane and the insane are exiled to "Siberia", or jailed, or killed.
Once we had those insane asylums, the Snake pits. Now we have the community.

probably in the best of worlds, each of these people might be "adopted" by a family and this shiz person would live with them for life. be their "child"! [might take most of their time!]
I admit that I would NOT make a good "father" to these people! I can feel their pain, and they all know, especially the "sane" homeless, that They Are Not Welcome Amongst us!
get a job?!
why the local job "agency": "they" tell me that you must take the bus for ten miles to the place and then sign in everyday and then take training Courses. there is not one moment free to LOOK for a job!
[I think they call this "the Process"! they do not really want you to leave them, as their
very existence depends upon having Clients!]

so, who might be the village healer or Very Good Hunter or Scout, in tribal days, say, is just one of the homeless people, today.

they ask you for a cigg. or pull the damp butts out of the can. but to *them*, cigarettes are the very fountain of life, and being "straight" from booze, is the sick place to be as Reality *IS* what it is supposed to be, after a few drinks!

I have had a few homeless men tell ME how to live my life! to give to me advice as to how to live.

but the REAL homeless people often are hidden away, even hidden away in fine homes and good careers, these Homeless are homeless as they do not recognize that they have a soul and the Spirit!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

distant moring cloud

distant moring cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

distant moring cloud

from way high up, in my apartment building, to the west, a thunderhead cloud. Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Almost looks to be a forest here, but under these trees are buildings and houses.

The rainly season is almost over, this year, fall looks to come early this year.
[who knows what the winter will be like: either a winter that hell freezes over, or a "summer in winter" as many areas of the Northeast and Canada, had a "winter for a summer", this 2009 year!

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the writing on the "wall"!

the writing on the "wall"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the writing on the "wall"!

here is a sidewalk writing and it dates from about 1971.

st John's Episcopal church, right next to their Sunday school children's playground. Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Its been on that sidewalk since the hippie days.

"fright"? Not "expected" perhaps, but I can see why the writer wrote that word: How often have I backed up against the wall and put hands over my ears as a huge truck roars by the sidewalk, then the car behind it, why the driver gives to me a "heckle" as he thinks that my "over-reactive" pose is something to laugh about!
little does he know that if one HOLDS the fright inward and shows a stiff upper lip and does not "accept" that something is threatening or scary, why the hormones just go right to the blood pressure and arteries! There is much much more Stress in repressing, denying, "fright" than in accepting fright and dealing with it!

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what's your Guess?!

what's your Guess?!, originally uploaded by freestone.

what's your Guess?!
this Thing, what is your Guess as to what this is?!

Modern art?

construction tool?!

try....along a crack between sidewalk sections, ants built a "hill" along the crack, excavating the dirt and piling it up just so!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

second life avatar

second life avatar, originally uploaded by freestone.

second life avatar
I now have entered trying out SECOND LIFE and there I am, near the shelter area.

my new Avatar. me.
In my first life, I am 6' 2' and weigh about 135 lbs, and am tall and scrawny. A perfect "opposite" to me; In spite of the fact that this character looks like a currant living Indian Guru, who likes to wear an orange robe!!

I plan to explore worlds. All kinds of worlds and realms. I might not change too much my avatar, I read that prims and added attachments can slow down the fps!
Many of these worlds I can never ever visit, in my 1st life, I look forwards to experiencing these.

Second Life, this place might be a role model for what the afterlife is like! Will be like, as I hope that all of us will go there some day: the ultimate created worlds. In fact, I read that higher heavenly beings create the entry level heavens for us, each of us then adds the personal areas.


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

comment to a flickr photo

here is a comment that i made to a flickr photo about a lady in the nursing home, with hardly any
memory or mind, left

yes, all waiting for the bus to take them Home.

my sister once showed to me a nursing home that had a cemetery for a window view, the tombstones could be clearly seen!!

one does not measure a river by its driest, lowest level, one does not measure a day by the last light of the evening;

thus when I watched my father, in the Home, with his Dementia, not knowing a thing of the last 30 years, I Measured my father by his Life's highest moments of Soul and spirit experiences, not peering at him with the setting sun-ness of his senility!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

night lightning with faces

night lightning, originally uploaded by freestone.

night lightning with a face and a lady *in* the photo!
Here about 10 pm, in Tallahassee, I tried to take pictures of some lightning flashes in a nearby thunderstorm.
This one flash stood out amoungst the rest of them, many were inside of clouds.

This image comes from a avi video, actually, from my canon powershot camera!

I was able to extract just one frame, and use it as a "still" image.

and low and behold yet *again*, people saw images in my still of this lightning shot! I did not arrange this, of course, I just took out of a video one still of a lightning strike.
The "hole" partway up, to the right of the flash, is to me, one eye, and below this, is the nose, of a Face! The lips too, are there.
Then there is that "woman" with arms outstretched!
I wonder what else is in this image?!

Tallahassee has about 75 to 90 thunderstorm days a year and this only counts the storms that hit the station, not those that are far off in the distance! If one were to count a "day" as one seeing a thunderstorm off in the distance, somewheres, why the Count coud be as much as 150- 200 days a year!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

fat man falling down

hi all.

this morning, at my 8 am coffee shop, I saw a short fat man come in and get a lot of food to go.
He was maybe 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed maybe about 300 lbs! He could hardly walk.
He left by the front door, then he tripped on something and fell down, spilling his bags all over the sidewalk.
After people helped him get his stuff together, he walked poorly off.

Sad. I could feel the swarm of silent comments from the people who see him, as he walks.
"too fat"!
"maybe you *ought* to shed a few pounds"!
Surely he feels this from people, which probably adds to his misery.

I sat there, later, wondering.....

Is he unhappy because he is fat?
is he fat because he is unhappy?!

"fat": what I mean by this, is that there comes a Point, in someone's heaviness, where the Fat Gets In the Way, of that person's life. As a senior who is skinny, I note that most of the people here at the senior home, where I live, are a bit Overweight, sometimes muchly so. Interesting that these heavy people are often 85 to 90+ years old! In fact, I read that a bit overweight people live longer than the thinner old people: more reserves for sickness, on their bodies.

From my spirit trainings, there are ideas that probably can never ever talk about to most people, here in Tallahassee.
for instance: this fat man! let me suppose that if i could look at his past lives, I would find that he had died of starvation on a recent lifetime and even the more indicative, that he lived a series of lives where he was hungry all of the time and the food that he ate only kept him alive just enough to BE hungry 24/7! a gnawing hunger, life after life.
*now*he lives in a time of abundance, but he has a 500 pound karma-gorilla on the end of the teeter-totter of "karmic balance life" and he needs to balance this out.

eat and eat like there will be no more food at all tomorrow!
no one can learn his lesson *for* him! he has got to know what the "over reaction" is! got to feel it in his bones, what it is to overeat.

therefore he Must overeat, until he can synthesis the "thesis. antithesis. synthesis"!

yet another example of Suffering in slow motion!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

the crowned King of the thunderheads!

the crowned King of the thunderheads!
here looking to the west from my apartment home landing, I can see this awesome thunderhead. Note the "crown" on the top of the head.

This tallahassee, florida, is a very good city for these white mountains.

near sunset.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

second life avatar

second life avatar, originally uploaded by freestone.

second life avatar
my second life avatar, ten minutes into this thing.
least it does not look like that kid next door.

why did I choose *this* one?

I am 6' 3" with shoes and weigh about 130 and have a small long head and utterly white hair, with what there is left of my hair: a natural for me to choose a character that is utterly opposite from my self!

looks "disturbingly" like a certain living India Guru!
Whatever...I always wanted to see how I would "look" as an opposite, and still "be" a man!

I am no good whatsoever in giving darshan, the India way of preaching from the pulpit, if I were Forced to stand in front of a Church congregation I will only tell you to, "develop your own individuality and to love films and computer stuff, with the Internet, and to have a free will self!

I will probably get lost in this world, larger than Alaska and now is "mod based", open source, from planetarium shows to mock ups of what heaven will look like, second life!

Now off, sooner or later, to explore a world larger than Alaska!


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Thursday, August 06, 2009

some of my twitter posts

here are a few of my recent twitter posts, several all posted at one time, posted about the hacker problem with twitter, on Thursday.

freestonewsomeday i fear the ONE WORLD GOV. will be needed, as someone has to be in charge, a centralized gov. from web

freestonewthat is the trouble: one needs to be able to "police" some far away 3rd world hacker, he is safe in his far off tiny country. from web

freestonewtwitter DID help the Iran demonstrators, eh?! Cause for Righteous revenge, maybe?! too bad the "swat stick" is not long enough to reach Iran from web

freestonewtry again: the older the place, the more "NOs" that are in the Lease! Twitter gets Popular, more firewalls and sign up Terms are needed! from web

freestonewfunny! the twit i sent was not the twit that I read!! from web

freestonewthe longer tenants rent a place with a lease, the longer the gets gets: more "NOs" Same with twitter and its growth, more firewalls, terms

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

magic light from the storm

magic light from the storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

magic light from the storm
Sunset and the setting sun illuminates storm clouds to the east.

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here it comes!

here it comes!, originally uploaded by freestone.

here it comes!
oncoming thunderstorm seen from the 7th floor west window, of my apartment building, tallahassee, florida, usa.

awesome isnt it? the bark was worse than its bite. No tornadoes, no wind, even ,just a lot of lightning and some rain, when it got here.

80+ thunderstorm days a year, stay tuned to this channel for yet more images!

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