Thursday, July 23, 2009

why does "end times" always infer, "punishment for us all"?!

then there is *this* from the godlike productions!


Re: Pay deep attention to .......

......... the Three Gorges Dam is a disaster waiting to happen).

Why hope/visualize for the dam to break in order to validate a belief in himself? Is that worth millions of lives?



the poster has a point. always always there is another side.

the other side reflects my own intuition that many people have the end times ALL WRONG!!
Not that there might be no end times, but that the Spirit motive for the earthchanges might not be what many think that they are!

raging wind seems to me, after reading a bit more about his visions on www.godlikeproductions, that to me he seems a bit "raging"!
the near-standard NA statement that "white man has raped the earth and soon he is gonna PAY big time", I read too too often!
problem is...that while he *has* "raped the earth", the raping of the earth might not have anything at all to do with the earthchanges that could be called "end times".

there are better words for this than "end times" but i cannot think of them so I will just use "end", here!

I have been shown, over and over, in my daily life walking around the streets of a large city where people often are driving around angry , that if I get angry about something and ESPECIALLY if I ever get angry and imagine a storm or earthquake taking out a city, right around me on the street I will, say, smell rotting garbage or maybe run into another angry person.
this furthers my Intuition that the "end" does not mean, "end by angerfire or by "Sodom and Gomorrah" "righteous punishments by the Lord"!

the end times/earthchanges, whether 100% of humanity or maybe only 20% to 60% of humanity, infer to ME, a Knowing that these Changes are GRADUATION DAY FOR THE HUMAN RACE!

Now, is graduation day from a high school an anger thing?! should not be. should be a time of joyous "we all made it and I can now go onto a new future of interesting possibilities"!

sometimes a dentist will extract a child's babytooth, if it is slow in coming out: volcanoes, earthquakes, asteroids speed up the process of Extraction!

one does not have to be a NA Indian to have this "you all will burn for your sins" attitude; I have often seen this with new agers and even in the diet books of vegans and raw food people.

repeat: I do not feel that the end times has to be where a God punishes us all for doing or not doing something! Most of the bad stuff happens as a natural law bouncing back to us something feedback looping that was done to the environment. like: over plant a field and then you exhaust the soil.

I feel that there IS a "score line" on the "candy bar" where one age rolls over to the next and there almost has to be a physical manifestation of this. like of Walter Cronkite's death, an expected death, yes, but then again he was sort of a symbol for a small age!

what I will intend to do, for the next few years that I am permitted to live here, is to *try* to not be "negative" and get caught up into people's reactivities around me and where I then re-pass this anger back out as some imagination about, like, "oh a volcano will erupt and take out such-and-such city"! or even just to get angry with these people, where this anger is not my own, if i make it my own, i add to the collective problem.

Spirit thusly is saying to me, "live you life, Freestone, as if the horizon of time opens up to infinite possibilities and joy, happiness for me, good feelings of love and goodness that will soon abound and that even the bitter homeless and jailed felons and kid=sexers will also be helped to become healed and to learn how to love and to accept love."!

*that* is what I feel Spirit intends for the human race, not punishments for mistakes made, as one must make mistakes upon the canvass of life or else there would be no learning's; the only "sin" would be to never learn from your mistakes and to do them over and over until some physical feedback "out there" throws it back into your life!

So at my 68 years of life, I will play my computer games, surf the Internet, relate with people happily as i can, and constantly feel that life is benevolently strange and interesting and that I will learn as much as I can, in my few years left, in my living in the senior Home, here in Tallahassee.


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