Thursday, July 30, 2009

welcome to my blog!

hi all.

July 30th 2009.

Welcome to my blog. I now have, at least for a while, cable Internet, so that I can post from my quiet room overlooking a Live Oak tree, here in semi-tropical Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

While the title of my blog infers that I have had many Near death experiences, or "NDEs" as they call them, I really write about my life *now*, today, in light of these spirit given experiences.
[these were not "really" NDEs; they were Lucid dreams and visions, Out of body experiences, OBEs,
where guides, angels, spirits took me to see places in the heaven, afterlife, worlds.]
Some of these visions and dreams involved prophecies and prophetic events, like of a prophecy of earthchanges and "end times"! Then there were the "alien abductions", where I was abducted all right, but out of my body in my "sleep": I dream-awoke to find myself on an operating table with several "greys" around me and they were getting ready to implant something into my body and they were surprised as some other alien group had already beat them to it and had already given to me an implant!
I have many interests, some of which will appear here on my blog. I take photos with my Canon a610 and post them on my flickr account.
I like to take photos of the clouds outside of my window from the 4th floor: amazing what beauty is in these clouds, especially during the 5 month tropical rainy season, otherwise, images of the local Tallahassee scenes.
I even twitter, please follow me

many interests....
Autism, metaphysics, caving, computer games, console games, fantasy.
Also I read the spiritual alternative news and forums.
There are many Internet pages that I read, read about Rudolf Steiner, Swedenborg, Kardec, spiritualism, unbanda, Santeria, reverse speech, ra material, and psychic, paranormal, spirit writings, mediumship, channeling, in general.

There. my spiritual autobiography.
I am now 68 years old, single, I grew up in Interlaken, NY, the home of the Twilight Zone!
Rod Serling wrote most of his stores for the Twilight Zone, there. The Town is featured in many of the episodes!
I have lived in Tallahassee, on and off, for years, attending Florida State University. Now I live at Georgia belle apartments for Independent Living. A nice place for those 62 and older.

So welcome to my blog, enjoy it.

freestone wilson

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  1. Will we not see you at the library then, now that you have broadband cable? I imagine it must be a great convenience for you. I found your blog recently when I was looking for information about the Brokaw-McDougalls. You had posted a photograph of the house.

    I posted a link on my blog to your recent post about anger and the End Times. I liked it very much.