Sunday, July 12, 2009

so many strange deaths, of late: WHY?!

hi all

more and more unusual deaths. I read of them over and over, usually in the small nearby town papers and sometimes with Micheal Jackson dying at 50 in his home followed by ANOTHER media man who dies in his home at age 50!

but this one, here, takes the cake!!
scares me big time!

Deadly Tornado Finds Oklahoma Fishermen
Posted: Jul 10, 2009 10:55 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 11, 2009 12:42 PM EDT
By Ashli Simms, The News On 6

PONCA CITY, OK -- Three Oklahoma men left what weather experts call the most tornado prone county in the country to visit Lac Suel, Ontario on an annual fishing trip. Now two of the men are dead and one is missing after a deadly monster twister found them in Canada.

The News On 6 traveled to their hometown of Ponca City to learn more about the victims.

Bernie Jackson, Stan Hollis, and Dennis Kincaid went up to a cabin on Ontario's Fisherman's Cove for a little male bonding and a lot of fishing. No phone, no television, and no way to know the storm was barreling down on them.

"If they had been killed in a car wreck I could more readily accept it. If they had fallen out of the boat and hit their head on a rock," said Lester Freeman, friend of the victims.

"But a tornado in Northern Ontario - it's very difficult to accept."

"From what the police woman told us it went through so fast that nobody even knew what had happened to them," said Sheryl Best, Bernie Jackson's sister-in-law.

Canadian authorities found Jackson's and Hollis' bodies. Kincaid is still missing.

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All three men had deep roots in Ponca City. Two of them were educators at Ponca City's east junior high. The third was a local businessman who championed Ponca City.

northern ontario has as much tornado chances as maybe northern Alaska has to have a hurricane and here three men came from the most tornado-prone county in the usa to die in "male bonding" to a tornado!

more and more strange deaths where synchronetic events happen.

I KNOW, feel, that this Means Something!
I am tempted to say, "the end times is very very near", but that is fear mongering, is it not? pre-rapture maybe. "rapture in slow motion"?
are these deaths just the synchronistic-ness that is in the news, where the daily synchronetic events do not make the news: synchronisms are increasing for all of us!
if so: then the "tipping point" of us all passing from 3-D world to higher dimensional world, is about here!

does anyone know of other strange deaths, of late?!



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  2. I saw on your twitter account that amongst all your interests you mentioned Kardec in that list. I'm curious about what you know about him and if you have read any of his books. I'm from Brazil and his doctrine has many followers here and in France. I'm one of them ;-)