Friday, July 17, 2009

the morning thunderhead

the morning thunderhead, originally uploaded by freestone.

the morning thunderhead
8 am thunderhead seen from my 4th floor bedroom at georgia belle, where I live. I wake up to views like this!

The middle of July, the rain season is somewhat here, this shower will disapate in an hour or two but there could be more in the afternoon.

The other day the temperature was over 90 degrees and the humidity might have been all of about 90%
lets see....a 80 degree dewpoint temperature, anyone?!
Tis like this almost every day, for all of the 4 to 5 summer months, here! "subtropical" they call this climate, but *really* what this means is that there is a warm temperate winter and a tropical rainy season summer.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Jul 09, 9.12AM EDT.

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  1. Lovely view. You are blessed indeed! Have a stellar week-end... Eyes to the skies and camera ready! Ciao... IQXS