Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson: my views

Micheal Jackson, my views, briefly, on my judgement of him.

He, this man, influenced a LOT of people and many here now shake their heads about his face operations and his seeming manner towards little boys.
I see him as not really having a childhood, as his parents "stole" it from him as he was Groomed to be a
Star upon the stage; and not to have a real self of his own. *Then* he lost his adulthood too! he was not permitted to live like a normal man as everyone around him seemed to dig him deeper into "their" idea as to whom he should be.

but under this all was this immense talent and a very good soul! *they* could not pave this over with their Agendas for him!!
So here he was, a Light truly, and everyone around him
wanted to take this light and claim it *as* for their own light, to direct His light towards their own ends!
only a few were Empowered by his light, TRULY empowered; most people just wanted this Light to amplify what "ego-illusion" that they had.
[like giving money to an alcoholic only to see this drinker use the money for more whiskey! what the Giver wanted was for this drinker to reach out and to grow towards a positive life of happiness and intelligence!]

I feel that he had an incredible welcome in heaven, and that he will be appreciated there. And...when you and I get there, we will see him Perform and sing, filled with the light of Spirit, a light that was dimmed, here on earth!


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