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predictions and Time.

a post to a forum, about predictions

hi all.
my Post as of June 27th, one day from my 68th birthday.

So here we all are, end of June 2009. I gave to someone an image today, the "100 floor building"! This is where I described that we all live on the first floor and very VERY few of us have any Direct perception that there are more than that one floor to this building called
"humanity's dwelling! Most of us think that there is that one floor and that is all, the spirit guides write and tell us that there are many many demensions. levels, planes, to this building, thus the "100" floors!

more than just a thought when considering predictions and visions and where do they come from! Some guide from on "high" can give to some psychic here some info that this spirit sees as True. While the spirit might be living on the 80th Plane, Another Older soul-spirit, on the 90th plane, might have another Take on what will transpire and then one of the Arch angels on the 96th floor might over-write the whole thing! And...even if the archangel corrects the time and the place of an event-to-come, spirits often have to pass the info downwards plane bty plane, through "lesser" souls and thus by the time the info gets even to the 20th floor, the messege has been altered.

I have been Told, in visions and in other dreams that I would die in 1998.
and in 2003 or 4.
and even in 2008.

nada. neit. no!
the best of intentions, yes, but Something Over-wrote.....

I remember my mother. when I would visit her, all summer long, my cottage was only a couple of miles away, I would come up for supper and to visit theee to four days a week, all during the 1973 to 75 years, let alone 1968 to 1970.
She had a *particular* Glee; every year, to open the cupboard door and to point to clippings from magazines she had taped to the inner door where only see could see them. clippings all of one kind.
"National Enquirer's 20 predictions for 1973". the paper would look yellow, the date currant might be late August. then there would be later months predictions taped besides that one.

I would visit until I had to leave, in late October.

she would make royal fun of each one of these predictions, some from Names that are household words, in the Psychic community!
"here Stony, look at *this* one, she predicts that the city of san fran will be destroyed in the sping by a quake!" [1973]

laugh. laugh.

[I did not see the desperation on her face, then!!]

After her death due to that red sports car coming over into her lane at 120 mph, at dusk, in 1975, I did the estate work, then I left for Florida.
I came back in 1986, when my father was in the intensive care and later the Home. his friend asked me, "you *do* know about your mother's vision, Freestone, do you not?!"!
"no", I replied.
"I can see why, she never ever told many people, over the years and here it is: that she had a dream 10 years before her death where she was shown that she, in ten years, would die when a red sports car comes over into her lane at dusk at high speed"!

NO WONDER she tried to Put Down *all* predictions, as quite apparently she had recieved hers from the 100th floor!!

All of this time she tried to put down all of those tabloid predictions as being, "all prophecies are BS, wrong, wrong, wrong.....[then I will not have to wonder about mine"!!]

ah!'*which* knowledge of the future comes from the "100th floor"?!

I have been interested in my mother's prediction for years. I, myself, once had a vision, in 1982, where I was shown image after image, images of *particular* places and one by one, each "came true", the final one was in 1993 when I was in the hospital for 20 days and I gave enough money to my aunt to FIND an apartment for me to live in if I survived, i nearly did not[!] and she found a good one and I just said yes to it and never ever saw it until I walked in with the first armfull of boxes, only to see that this aprtment was the *one* in my 1982 vision and now it was 1993. the vision included at least TWO cities, cities that I had no plan or idea that I would live in!


am I "groundhogging day" it, where my life repeats over and over?
[many Gardejieff people say this, that "reincarnation" is in THIS life only, over and over till you get it right!]


am I somehow looking backwards from a future to set up my life from that future point?

mysteries. about the one where I read of a Roman man who walked along the Appian way, maybe in 100 AD, suddenly he saw something that to him was UTTERLY beyond his comprehension! he saw off in the distance another Appian roadway that ran along his and on this road were Chariots beyond belief! not only did they each have not a horse to pull it, and that each zoomed along at an incredible speed, that each chariot made a strange "whiss sound", as it moved, and each chariot was coming and going in seconds, from left to right and right to left!
[the future hyperspaces to the past, i read, where people in england see Roman legions marching along the old Roman roads, the same solidiers in the same formation, over and over, maybe several times a year, like of a replaying tape loop: this writer, in Fortean times, writes how this is NOT a "ghost" it is a direct perception of the event as it happens in real time but separated by years, not space-distance!

apparently emotional-charged events cast echo-shadows forwards AND backwards, in time.

which means....any great collective event will do the same. whether in ten years away of 1000 years away. another problem: that Event of great disaster, then, is this thing ten years off or 100 years off?
EDGAR CAYCE: "california falls into the sea"! did he see the state peeling off of the continent, one million years of slow motion, plate movements; such that eventually california will be an island partly sunk in the sea 200 miles west of the continent!?

thus I wonder about all of the "tidal waves, comets, astroids, men-in-black herding innocents into concentration camps!

the earth has another 1,000,000,000 years left till life cannot be supported, more or less.

suppose then that some of the "Lizard men" that are seen by some psychics, that they come from 100,000 years in our future?

If the Roman man can see an images of cars on the Italian freeway, why not further ahead in Time?

some of my own visions of disasters, i see now, have maybe three or fout events on top of each other, in time, like looking down a row of fenceposts where all ten of them look to be in the same place, but in my vision of just one series of, say, earthquakes, why each one of them could be 300 years apart!!

every civilization WILL become ruined, each apple WILL rot.
the Rub: which one of these events will happen in the next ten years, or so?!



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