Thursday, June 18, 2009

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass makes image larger

I uploaded this image onto my flickr site, to show how I, 68 years old, found a way to play

the DS Nintendo system games on the DS in "large" size!

my screen looks, in perspective, to be about 8 inches across, when I play my game, the CHRONO TRIGGER rpg game!

No more tiny screen for senior eyes.

Then I find the sound to be amazing, for such a system if I use good headphones and then plug the shole thing into a wall socket, no battery dying woes. The music is very good, in these old SNES games and it shows with headphones!

anyway, never too too old for games. I wonder if that 85 year old grandmother, here in my senior home at "georgia belle Westminister, is still playing her rpgs on her SNES?!!


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