Thursday, June 25, 2009

night lightning

night lightning, originally uploaded by freestone.

night lightning
Here about 10 pm, in Tallahassee, I tried to take pictures of some lightning flashes in a nearby thunderstorm.
This one flash stood out amoungst the rest of them, many were inside of clouds.

This image comes from a avi video, actually, from my canon powershot camera!

I was able to extract just one frame, and use it as a "still" image.

Tallahassee has about 75 to 90 thunderstorm days a year and this only counts the storms that hit the station, not those that are far off in the distance! If one were to count a "day" as one seeing a thunderstorm off in the distance, somewheres, why the Count coud be as much as 150- 200 days a year!

Uploaded by freestone on 25 Jun 09, 9.08AM EDT.

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