Monday, June 15, 2009


from the Aemilius person on photobucket.

as the image says, this image is from about 629 AD.

Maybe more of the eastern Empire.

Still Interesting how people think that "Rome" was all Pagan. Eventually the last few Ceasars
converted to Chrisianity, then made Christianity the state religion, then the missionaries began to travel outwards! to India, to "Caladonia" [Scotland]. out and out.

like that cartoon of an image of a field of cows and a barn, the caption read, "where does the gravity well of New York city end"? where did the Roman influence end, scotland?
Finland? Russia?, the new world?
when did the Roman influence end with Time?!
is the Roman civilization still here and one cannot see it as one is *in* it?!!


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  1. Philip K. Dick had a saying in his novel, Valis, that, "The Empire never ended", and I think he was right. Certainly Gibbon had an enormous influence on the shape of constitutional republics, and especially our own, founded in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Of course, Dick meant much more than that, as you surmise above with your speculations about time and history.