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History: Fiction or Science. Fomenko

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History: Fiction or Science? Chronology Vol.IV (Paperback)by Anatoly T.Fomenko
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Fantastic book! Extremely interesting, very thought-provoking. , August 25, 2008
History Fanatic - See all my reviewsDespite the efforts of critics, skeptics and "debunkers" this book is gaining popular acceptance very fast. Everyone i know who is interested in history is stunned by the ideas the Fomenko Group present. The idea that Ghengis Khan was the Turkic/Eastern name of a Russian prince is breathtaking in it's implications. Or, the case for "Mongolia" to have been a corruption of the Greek "Megalion"(or Great) representing a "Horde"(or "orde/order", the Russian name of it's Medieval professional horse-soldiers) as the historicists distortion of the Mongol Hordes as being of Far Eastern origin instead of being Russian Cossacks(Khazaks). This book is so filled with shocking and exciting ideas about how history has been obfuscated, hidden, and changed to suit the local needs of political factions that it has completely altered my perspective on current worl events and the "how" and "why" of Central European and Middle Eastern politics! Many modern "historians" rail against Fomenko's theories because they are both obviouly, intuitively accurate and totally opposite established thinking that most history books would have to be completely re-written. And no one who spent ten years getting his doctorate in convential history wants to admit that everything he thinks he "knows" is just plain wrong! I know it upset me at first, but the long, long list of explanations, "coincidences", facts and inconsistencies listed by Fomenko et al can't help but change your perspective. These books are not the usual poorly-written, poorly-researched imaginative tripe provided by most "historical revisionists". This is the work of one of the world's leading mathmeticians and other highly-educated scholars. In fact, there is so much raw data in this series that even i, who reads constantly, have a hard time moving through it. But the subject matter shakes the very foundations of so many assumptions of modern history that it's worth every bit of effort. Don't let the conventional history proponents convince you these are false- read them for yourself. If you can read the whole series and STILL think the history of the world is what you've been taught then you might be right, and i might be wrong. But i don't think i am: Fomenko is a pioneer, a radical, a free-thinker and revolutionary in the field of scientific historical analysis!

Thick stuff here, people.
Fomenko is saying, in his volumes of books, that *all* of 1500 BC [or so] to around 1500 AD, really happened around 1000 AD! Greece, Rome, all happened then and Jesus was crucified on a hill near Rome on 1086 AD, being born on 1053 AD!
[I read that there will be 7 volumes]

go read some of the reviews on Amazon, go read about the books on the google searches.
What can ya do when you find that, according to him, all of the historical solar eclipses not only did not happen on their ancient dates, but that they all occurred around 1000 AD!

I see at least TWO major conclusions that I am being "forced" to admit that might be true!

1...that ALL of history might be non-existant before 4000 BC, and that maybe even the very planet itself might have been created then: the Creationalists might be right!

which leads to number 2!!

2...that the reason why the creationalists might be right is that the Answer is in the Movie
the MATRIX!! that our very "solid" reality might only be a construct made by Superior alien beings!

from Amazon.com, a review of DARK CITY
This review is from: Dark City (New Line Platinum Series) (DVD) Set in a dark world--literally dark, as no one seems to remember being out during the day--the film focuses on John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell), a man who awakens amnesiac to find a murdered woman nearby. Soon thereafter pursued by the police (led by William Hurt), he must solve the mystery of his missing memories and eerie pursuers.
Helped along the way by a woman claiming to be his wife (Jennifer Connelley) and a pendactic psychiatrist (Kiefer Sutherland), Murdoch learns that his pursuers are a race of aliens with the power to warp reality with their minds who continually change the city and the memories and even lives of the people inhabiting it in an experiment designed to save their lives. Murdoch has developed their same power to "tune" and save humanity from the aliens' machinations.
The film's theme of questionable reality--carried across on two levels as both human memories are manipulated and the physical world itself changed on a nightly basis--is done fairly well if somewhat less successfully than the in the Matrix.
Replete with dark imagery suiting the film noir genre and quite at home in Blade Runner, the movie makes for a stunning visual performance. The aliens are masterfully done as frightening and eerie outsiders. My only complaint is that I was able to grasp the film's actions and meanings on a first viewing with little difficulty; I had expected to come out with the sense of, "What the heck?!" that would require two or three viewings to fully digest the film's depth. Yet that aside, the film is still a definite watch for any fans of film noir or reality-questioning sci-fi.

maybe we are in it! Thus the Romans and the greeks are US, seen from like of a shadow casting backwards through time and that the ancient civilizations never existed at all!


no more studying very much about Rome!!


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