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Is Jesus here, secretly?!

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I posted a copy of someone's vision where he/she went to the future, about 2011, and everyone there was profoundly depressed, they all Knew that Jesus was here but he left about a year ago, now everyone feels the lack of his Presence!

I then wrote about this dream and wrote about how some visionaries might receive visions that are "secret" or maybe too too disturbing to tell anyone about.
Below is what I wrote:

One should not yell "fire" in a crowded classroom as a "joke", as the kids will leave and then there is no more learning's in *that* classroom for that day!
If someone were to find a REAL predictive something that means the end of us all, we would obsess on the message and the learnings would end.
think: some amateur astronomer finds a 400 mile diameter asteroid and reports it to the professionals. Next week the "silence" of these professional astronomers is challenged, as there are some people that are wondering if there is something being hidden.
Another amateur does some calculations and finds that this body of rock will come very near the earth in two months.
Then a government panel is created and then the Calculations become exact: a direct hit in 65 days! 65 days till a 420 mile diameter
hunk of rock hits the earth and coming head on at that!
everyone will go into Panic mode, like of that gas station grocery store in the Movie KNOWING! no more life lessons!

I dwell, myself, on this account of Jesus leaving, as it touched a deep chord, in my soul. There are many christian writers today who write about the "ever present Presence of Jesus, today" As if the are writing about a kind of "second coming". There are ALSO writings about how Jesus will "close the Rolls" of enlistments into heaven, some day. Then you add that 2012 end of the Mayan/Aztec age, and it would seem Obvious that if Jesus were to retire from the influencing
of the earthsphere, *this* would be the Time to do it!

That Vision that I quote over and over again, where apparently the Ascended Saints plus Mother Mary showed to me an image of a large rock striking the earth at a near-tangent approach and then skipping off back into space and as it hits, this Rock skims off from the surface of the earth some material, which is ejected into space and leaving the earth.
"in one or two years" the Voice says. [fall 2008, the vision]
if you want to read about it, and I have a drawing of this asteroid hitting the earth, here, too.

but this vision has ANOTHER meaning!!

It could indeed "merely" symbolicaly show the Approach of Jesus to the earthsphere, as He is not of Adam's Spawn, he comes from Outside of the earth's soul progressions and populations. He touches the earth, then leaves, taking the saved souls with him. his Presence will leave the earthsphere in "one or two years".


"bingo", in that this vision of mine is the exact same meaningdream as
that person wrote about, that I copied from the front page of!

He will leave us all soon, in Vibrational Influences, at least, then His absence will be felt by many. Many of these depressed people will not even know why they are depressed!

"when God closes one door, he opens another door".

Probably either the *real* end times will begin then, or else there will merely be a period of time when an increasing number of people will turn more and more "negative".


there was a Guide who wrote from spirit a VERY powerful channeling, and I believe him.
he Told how the Real meaning of the phrase, "the saints who died just before Jesus died, they waited in the astral spheres until Jesus ascended so that they all could go Up with Him": this phrase, he told, has a profound meaning! He says that when Jesus died, it was a Time of racial graduation for souls that were advanced enough, the Old Souls, now they would never ever have to reincarnate onto the earthsphere ever again! So the old souls of the West, went up with Jesus. [the ejected matter from the earth when the Asteroid skims the earth!]
*this* is why the dark ages *were*!! he Told how no one could even paint perspective anymore and I feel, myself, *this* is one of the major reasons why Rome Fell, there were no old souls at the Helm, in 200 AD Rome, so the empire began to fall apart. but it took years and years before the last old soul left, and of course there were some who came just to keep order, a bit. Thus the whole western world fell into darkness, as a whole bunch of very young souls came in to begin another Class year of progressions! baby souls. souls who needed authority over them and life was short.

but this 30 AD-500 AD period is a "little graduation time", just like January 1st is a "little graduation time" for colleges! the BIG graduation time would be the end of the second semester, in may or June!
think "2012"!!

the Big One is upon us all.

*if* I use the above "death of Rome" as a predictive Model, then I might see no great catastrophe after Jesus Leaves, in ?2010?.
there would be a slow descent into lawlessness and "non-caringness" as the old souls do not reincarnate and a whole bunch of baby and infant souls come in! like maybe 90% of the earth's souls will be baby or infant, by say 2040. Morals and ethics will go out of the window, of course: be *like* suddenly, but over a time period of 100 to 300 years, that all of the IQ of the earth's peoples will be only 60 IQ, and for everyone!! you all can well imagine what will come of *that*, endless wars and atrocities, maybe even like that vision on front page where she sees, in 60 years, a racial genocide happening in Sweden, in her future life incarnation!

so in a sense when Jesus leaves, he will take all of the older souls with him. meaning YOU!! but not all at once, as each person dies, over the next 40 to 60 years, from 2010 onwards!! maybe only a "partial" end times, like of more earthquakes and volcanoes, to hasten this process of ascension. then more and more births of infant first timers, their very first Incarnation upon the earthsphere!

this "Presence" of Jesus that is with us all now, might not "require" an actual Incarnation of Jesus! Just like a father was channeled-told, by his deceased son, in that 1970s book that I read, about how the "youth of today are being stimulated into unrest by the Presence of Jesus having lowered himself right down to the boundary between heaven and the earthsphere so that this astral Presence stimulates any receptive soul!
THERE, people, from this book alone, that meaning of the vision of Jesus leaving the earthsphere, in about 2010, to ME is Clear!
He takes himself away, taking the souls with him, much again like in that movie KNOWING!
[I feel that this movie is a Real Message, given to us all *as* a teaching!!]

Only one or one and a half year left before the Stimulation ceases, make hay now, while the Son shines!!


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