Saturday, June 20, 2009

cake and living until you are 80+

hi all.

I got back to my Georgia belle residence today, my senior home, just in time for the monthly
birthday party. I am 68 this month.
But I had mixed feelings about my attendance as they always serve a huge dish of Ice Cream and a large slice of cake, on these days. I *was* going to an "all you can eat place" for my Saturday one large meal of the day, but I chose to eat cake and ice cream for my supper instead, as it is one or the other, cannot eat both at 132 pounds; there are people who can eat five meals a day and i am not one of them!
There are lots of days there where they serve cake and ice cream.

I better learn to eat both of them FOR my supper as the "Language" of these eats is profound.
Just as there is a very subtle language of flowers, where each type of flower has a symbolic meaning, the meaning of cake and ice cream is...

the joke here in this building is that everyone gains from 10 to 40 lbs after moving here and i can actually SEE this happening, as their are several people here who I see have gained 30 lbs in a couple of years! *every* man here has a stomach out the "here", the southern good ole boy
belly. but most of these men are 80 to 90 years old! the skinny men are the not-healthy men, often with diabetes.
like: in my 1998 hometown the one Walker who walked miles every day to and from his ban teller job and had no fat at all and all muscle, why he died of his 3rd to 5th heart attack at age 68 while the pot-bellied man across the street, why he was 85 or so!

I read that a doctor in Finland did a study of rural and small town retirees and he found that one had to be 30 to 50 pounds *overweight* before the death rate began to go up, but if you were even a little bit underweight the death rate rose immediately and if you were a woman and underweight the death rate rose to 30%!!

the diet industry does *NOT* want you to know this!!

so eat up, America and live to be older!!


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