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032809 087

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032809 087
First Baptist Church - Interlaken, NY

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I went to church there in the 1950s. I grew up in Interlaken. Lived there on and off till 1998.

Home of the twilight Zone!


that street to the right is "west Avenue", but Rod Serling called it, "Maple street" in the first twilight zone productions of "MONSTERS ON MAPLE STREET"!

to the immediate right is what used to be the soda bar and across the street from that used to be the gas station where the "walking the distance" episode is about, where the CEO comes home to see himself as back when he was 10 years old.
[I know where the merrygoround was!]

Rod serling is buired in the town cemetary!

He had a cottage on cayuga lake, in the 50s and 60s and he spent most of each summer there and he wrote much of his stories there in that cottage.


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