Thursday, May 28, 2009

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass
I bought a Nintendo DS Lite system to play some of those old school
RPGs, there are some good ones for this system, plus the ace attorneys series.

But I found that the screen was so so so small, and I am used to the large computer monitors!

So here is what I did, I bought a magnifying glass and mounted it on a box, as I will not move and hand-hold this system!
Makes the image much much larger!

look at the example on

[the image is grainy as the DS does not seem to translate well to images, much like a tv does not! the image that I see is not grainy at all!]
Now the individual sections of armor, on the soldiers and guards, in my currant game of Final Fantasy IV, can be clearly seen.

Then I add the headset, now the music sounds so much better too!

So now I have a screen about six inches across, instead of a screen that might be of only several inches!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 May 09, 9.47AM EDT.

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