Saturday, May 02, 2009

mr death.


I live at a senior Home, about 140 people live there. During the last month, about 9 or 10 residents have died, either in their rooms or in a hospital, a bit unusual to have so many die in so short of a time.

The ambulance and fire trucks have come a lot, lately!

Everyone here just Knows that someday the ambulance will come for them! We all who live there are on the front lines of "mr death"!

all of us are!
If flu, volcanoes, war, riots, don't get ya, Death will, sooner or later....
[I have been sick a lot this last year, one classic flu, on stomach flu, one bronchitis, many colds, my copd, I guess. I will not even *try* to avoid the swine flu, as it is "now or later, it will get me"!]
Old Age.
Death will get me sooner or later....

Thus as years ago, I had a terrible dream of the end of the world, a vision so bleak that when I asked the Guide, my spirit guide, about the "survivors", he replies to me,
"survivors? suuuuuuVivors?!!" [in sarcastic loud Tones, as if "survivors" is a dumb question as this here end times will make that idea of survivors to be utterly non relevant!!]

anyway, I took a walk out into the countryside to meditate upon that dream. The sun was out and the day was warm and the springtime leaves were coming out: a perfect spring day.
Then I had a revelation, an intuitive message from spirit.
said basically, "here you see, freestone, the lovely leaves coming out, but you know that in months the upstate new york winter will freeze everything Dead! but you are supposed to enjoy them *while* they are out and to enjoy summer. Then frost and the fall will remove them and the 60+ inches of snow per year will cover everything.

a good metaphor for life. Death will come for me and you and then that final exam question comes that will Count For All: that object up there on your road of life, now coming closer with time; turns out that this thing is a tombstone.
Now the Question that will count for all, is...Is this tombstone a door or a dead end?!"

I, myself, know it to be a doorway into heaven and I astral travel a lot to see and to experience places in heaven even before I die.

all of this "end of the world" stuff just reminds me that I will die of "something" soon, i am now 68 years old and whether by heart attack or volcano, the result is exactly the same!

my death!

So I will try to enjoy life while i live it, try to live a bit *like* i am in heaven now, so that I will be "a bit up to speed" when I arrive there.
and you [all] will also come there. even if you feel that you are not worthy. [Jesus and the thief on the cross who did not accept Him: all the people who are not "saved"]

"everyone else"

--as written on the underside of the bed, in the trailer, in the movie KNOWING!

all of us will arrive there to see that tree of life!

so make use of the nice times, grow your soul before it is too too late.

*my* guiding dreams tell me that about late 2009 or 2010 will be the basic "end of civilization", at least as we all know it. I have had my deceased father come to tell me, "2010 will be *VERY* Cold"!
[volcanic/nuclear winter?!

less than 2 years left.

do not let the fear mongers ruin what is left of the Picnic!!

as the shamans say...."the only way to be able to Live, is to accept death and your personal death and then you can embrace life, knowing that you will die some day soon!


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