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door decoration

door decoration, originally uploaded by freestone.

door decoration

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hi all.

This is a door decoration on the door of room 406. I live at Georgia belle apartments for independent living, here in Tallahassee, and this door was just down the hall from where I live.
This facility is a nice place to live, there are about 150 people living here and one resident told me, several years ago, "once a lady moved in who was sullen and depressed and never laughed or smiled, after about three months she was laughing and smiling: she had discovered a wonderful social life and things to do, here.
There are Gospel sings, dishes to pass meals, a library, a store, lots of activities.
[there are now vacancies!]

Every single door seems to have some personal decoration on it and often they reflect the person who lives in the apartment. There are a few undecorated doors, though; these also are Indicative, indicative of "something"! Mostly the rooms are lived in by men. Men with little imagination or interest in life. Too too bad, of the five to ten pills many residents take daily, often one of these pills is an anti-depressant!
But then again, there is also that "dark' side of aging: many people cannot eat the foods they once loved, or that they cannot hear or see too well. There are many here who butt into a conversation between two people, but again, they are NOT butting in as the two people are not talking, are they!
"Aging" is often the "paint peeling off of the sculpture head, where the naked marble rock is revealed underneath! there is less of what the parents gave: only your life is revealed! If you were a bitter young man, once, then you may well be a bitter old man, by the time you are 70!
There is a lady here who at 85 years old, plays Japanese rpgs on her super Nintendo SNES system! she loves them!

a city in microcosm.


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