Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the true sufferings of the homeless people



I sense, now, the True Sufferings of the homeless people!
I live downtown in Tallahassee, Florida. I see lots and lots of homeless people, many wander the streets and live in the local shelter.
I feel the pain that they all seem to have, but I had not put together what some of this Pain might be. Obviously, I see men who look cold and wet, a lady sitting depressed, a man who is drunk, or someone who is "angry and sulking".
I also see people helping the homeless, the local churches, the Shelter, individual people.
The Old Man who sometimes comes into the coffee shop, to me, is a case in point, someone who "points" to the true Suffering of the homeless. He is about 65 years old, he came down here from Detroit in the fall. He looks like that character from "Little Abner" who had a raincloud over his head no matter where he walked, even indoors!
So here I saw the True Suffering: it is *not* any of the above problems, that is the True Sufferings! The True sufferings has to do with a lack of Inner Soul! This wound, in the soul, generates all of the conditions that are of the "homeless".
TRUE homelessness, the lack of a spirit[ual] inner life! Thus any help that someone gives, is a
pain pill for the headache, yes the pill removes the headache but the underlying condition Remains the same. This Soul is not something that anyone can give to him: only the Christ
can do that.
Thus this person lacks the ability to recognize goodness and wonderiousness, for example, when he sees or experiences it, thus the Pain of always being "out of it" is with him, every day!
This is a need that no one cane give to him, no counselor, no social worker can work this Miracle
of aid.
"give a man a fish today and tomorrow he needs another fish: teach a man TO fish, then he can fish for himself",
points to this problem of no soul or spirit, in his heart of life.
I had tried to "help" this older man, to get him to apply for HUD housing, but he says that he will look into it, but he never does! He tells me that he is too too tired, perhaps, too tired to walk the four blocks to the office. Or maybe he has a prison record!
there is a tarot card, a minor deck-card, that has a beggar standing outside of a warm church, on a cold winter's day, he does not look at the church. The Symbol of this card is of how someone
who has no Spirit in his heart, cannot see what is in that church!
Thus he is the True Homeless person, and it matters not if he has a huge McMansion and a good
Corporate job! Or even a tenured college professor of Humanities!
*These* homeless are far far more common than of the street people, and they are sometimes in far far greater Pain, as "things" and "control/power" do not fill the empty hole in their souls!
Thus, the Suffer the true sufferings of the homeless: the Agony of a meaningless life!!

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