Monday, April 13, 2009

the swingseat

the swingseat, originally uploaded by freestone.

the swingseat
Out behind the senior Apartments, Georgia Belle, where I live, is a garden, and at the rear of this garden is this swingseat.
It is used, you can see the worn ground under the seat.
The wood looks old and wan, a bit rotted, but this climate is "subtropical", which means a temperate winter and a rainy tropical summer; wood does not last, here.
"retirement". Often much more "busy than one might think!
There is "Medical Management", the "Second career", where one has to go to doctors for exams, followups, tests, evaluations,post-exams, etc, and if you have three to ten Conditions, why half your time could be taken up!
[I read that for people 60 years and over, the average prescription pill use is 5 to 6 prescription pills a day! No wonder there is a CVS/Walgreens being built on nearly every corner: the baby Boomers are coming of Age!!]

But there are man seniors who enjoy just sitting outdoors, spring can go on for four months, here in Tallahassee. The birds sing, the flowers smell nice, Life is Good, even at 90+ years old, as there are people that old, here; and in fairly good health too. Why I know of a 84 year old grandmother, who plays RPGs on her Super Nintendo, her grand daughter gave it to her!

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