Saturday, April 11, 2009

summations on a forum about end times

hi all...

someone, of a forum, asked me about something.

"So if you go down a list of possibilities, Freestone, what does this particular thing feel most like to you."?

the end times, the possibilities!

my answer.


tough one to answer there!

I *can* re post my visions which I have done here, over and over, but they soon get buried in the threads.

may 2007, I had an astral travel experience where I went to a farmhouse and I *Told* all of the 30+ people there, people who lived there and/or also came out of body, I told then, in "unfreestone-like"
severe preacher Tones, reading them all the riot act, "the end of civilization comes in three years [2010] , get ready *now*! finish up your incarnational life plans, do your stuff *NOW*!!"!
not like me at all to talk like this and how could I know such a thing?
my higher true Self may know!

then when B., here on the forums, wrote of how"2009 will be the year of the quake, 2010 Will Be the year of the volcano, 2011 will be the year of the Cold", I soon had a dream myself, where I went into the heavens to meet my deceased, as of 1999, my friend who was an Indian Shaman in a previous life. I met Sam. he looked about 30 years old now, and I could only see him when i looked out of the corners of my eyes. then, oh then, I Told him, "December 12th begins the year of the earthquake, the next year is the year of the volcano, and the year after will be the year of the Cold"!
but golly, people, xxxxx, who am i to tell a master-shaman something?!! anyway, i did.

then months later my deceased father came to tell me something, he told me, that "2010 will be very *VERY* COLD"!

my own feelings, here, is either it refers to my own death-to-be, in 2010, or a time of global cold, and *not* a cold winter either, a spring, summer, fall, of Cold, a year of cold, probably volcanic or solar winter!
when alive, my father was a seerer! but dimly. he wrote stories for the local paper where he wrote about how the weather would get colder and colder and by 1981, crops were in danger of not growing and by 1982/83, the cold rules.
he died in 1987, after several years of strokes and heart attacks, a slow downward spiral of health beginning in about 1981.
[he foresaw his own "winter"! but 1983 had one of the coldest winters in years and years, that winter saw orange trees , all of them, north of Tampa, become dead sticks!]
so his warning is poignant of a prior life-experience.

on and on.....

the movie KNOWING has the beginning set of numbers, 9/11/2996 to add up to "2", and the last "EE" is "55" which is "10"
2010, anyone?!

on and on......

they say, i have read, that the protecting angels always leave a city just before it is destroyed! as if they do not want to be a prt of it, nothing they can do, or else they go to get the places ready for the incoming souls. thus I see our economic depression a bit like this, the USA protecting angels departing and it all comes undone!

thus a good sign that the art class has done much, in learnings, is a depleted storeroom, where all of the paints, paper, crayons are exhausted. thus our ravished earth is so, we used and abused her, to do our last gasp "accelerated learnings, so that everyone who needed to grow a bit more, would do so, in the 1960 to now time span.
"course in review", all of history re-examined.

I have had a good life and i would not have changed any of it if i had to do it over again! On to the future, not the past.

my friend SAM, i think, as he told me about the Choice:, the choice that he had to make in heaven! two paths are open to him, focus on the future or the past. for Sam, he was 80% American Indian and while alive, he chose that, over being a white man: he did not like what most white people do, cities, computers, movies, etc....
aha. a race is the walls of the classroom, the kids go through the classroom every year different kids, but that the walls remain the same. thus in the black race, say, someone might have been a china man in a previous life and a white man before that: there are no races
to "bond to", expect the human race. thus all of our "toys" too, are just teaching aids for to have us each grow our souls.


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