Monday, April 27, 2009

so many people are dying!

yes, where I live, in the senior home, Georgia belle, there have been so many people dying, over the last few weeks! the week before Easter saw six people die, while some people were recent ex-residents, several died in their rooms. The death toll might be as high as ten, or more, since the end of march!
My church choir director aunt, in my small hometown, in upstate ny, wrote to tell me that her "playing for funeral" jobs, have taken up much of her time, since the end of march. The local paper obitiaries spread over to sometimes three pages.


my theory is that deep deep in the collective uncounsciousness is the Date that jesus died on his cross and that this date, from my own readings and intuitions, is about March 27th. Thus people deeply Know and that if they are near the death date, of their lives, they *would* want to die after his death as maybe they can ASCEND with him into a good heaven and to be with Jesus, resurrected with Jesus, the life eternal.
[a mystery there, how can people know this Real Date; I think that there is much much more to the "subcounscious" than what psychologists know!]

Now, a week or so after Easter, the dying has stopped.


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