Tuesday, March 10, 2009

some Predictions are not for anyone to see

some Predictions are not for anyone to see!!
Today at 17:53:53 hi all.

I had a small disturbing event happen yesterday, at the library computer! I was typing in another new thread start on the Yellowstone Volcano and then I added yet again several of my dreamvisions that I had about the next few years.
In my typing, the "finger peck" method, I lost track of the time and the five minutes were up on my hour and then the computer rebooted, losing my letter half way through. but what was


ominous, was that person who yelled to her friend, *just* as my letter faded from view, the computer reboots,

my goodness!!
these syncronisms cannot be ignored!

I have sometimes been chided and even a bit Flamed, on this forum, for posting a quote of someone's prediction that was made on this very forum!
I am NOW beginning to think that a number of visions and dreams, of mine, and maybe of a few other people: not to be ever ever shared to anyone as their vision is for their eyes only!


I am not sure, probably differs with each person. maybe the vision was only symbolic of something happening in that person's own future and should not be used to maybe scare others. but I feel that a deeper reason could be that there


spiritual "secrets" out there, secrets that are Revealed only to those in the "need to know". sounds a bit "elitist" perhaps, but just suppose *you* were to receive one of those visions?! feel "blessed, eh?!
maybe there is a string, rope, or even a steel cable attached to this "Gift"! that maybe the Knowing will give to you an Iron Anvil of a Knowing, a knowledge that would be like of a carrying an iron anvil on your back up the whole height of Mt. Everest!

some secrets, i suppose, carry an immense burden of karma, just to Know it! and that this karma might just for for life and for the life Eternal in heaven, too!!



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