Monday, March 30, 2009

KNOWING, the movie: second viewing.

Well here I went and saw this Incredible movie, KNOWING, for the second time.
Again I saw Cage [John] and his son, go through these experiences.

I will write about some of the hidden meanings that I have found, in this movie. "hidden" as maybe some of the writers and producers sneaks them in, OR...that Spirit Itself did this, inferring that this movie is a Joke upon the makers, that this movie contains Real Inspired Information!!

I want to see this movie again as there is now a better chance for me to see things that I missed before.

--to the people who saw the new world to be the Sun!
.....Not only was the "wheat" rippling like the surface of the sun, as stated above, I noted that as the camera passed by the ruined earth, the flow of the camera went towards the sun!
But the sun's surface is ionized gas and very hot!! This is stated explicitly in the movie as the college kid, in John's class, stated that the surface is ten million degrees hot!
AHA! I see that the Intent, now, is to show that this "new World" is *not* a physical world as we know it, in a word or two..."Heaven"!
So then ,this New World is then the "NEW HEAVEN" that is promised in the book of Revelations!
Of Course!
Then there is the "issue" of how several times in the movie there is that strong reaffirmation between John and his son about the Pact of
"together forever". In the face of the movie, John can never come to that world. But No! the hidden message, then, is that John *will* arrive there in that new world as the Pact is stated so.
Which brings me to what I had forgotten about, in my very first viewing, that the letters "EE" refer to the phrase that was found under the bed, "EVERYONE ELSE"! I do not feel that this message "really" is to infer that everyone on earth will be killed.
I feel that "everyone else" is that thief upon the cross that did not accept Jesus's offer to become saved and to be remembered in heaven! This thief is thus "everyone else", and now Everyone else will come, in "moments" to live forever in that New World, of the grass and of the tree.

where are the Angels?
I noted that as the aliens revealed their real selves, at first I thought that the gossamer light bands around them were just that. As they were getting ready to get on board the elevator with the boy, I noted that these bands rotated *with* each alien and i saw clearly that these bands were WINGS!!
[these aliens are angels]

I really wanted to see the numbers on the sheet that John's boy wrote. But in the second viewing, this sheet seemed obviously not to be of Meaning, the numbers were only shown for a second and that there was no real "start point" to them. then John ripped the sheet away, just as the teacher did for the girl! the boy scratched
15523, on the desktop, while this number was there for only a few seconds, I could see it. Meaning: that this number is important!!

reverse numerology, each number is a letter, a= 1, b=2, c=3, etc.
But J is 10 and 10=1! Thus each number could infer different letters.

here Goes.....

155 23 [two sets]

10 5 19 21 19 3 8 18 9 19 20
1 5 1 3 1 3 8 9 9 1 2
155 23



this is what the boy placed on his desk.

thus the "EE", backwards, is INDEED "33"!!

there you all are.
we ALL are going to this new world, very soon!!
this is the "hidden message" that I see, in this movie!


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  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    In the reverse numerology there isn't a direct link from the 2nd line to 15523, is there?

    I could do it but there needed to be some additional processing for the 389 to get to 2 and the 9912 to get to the 3.
    3+8+9=20 then 2+0=2 and
    9+9+1+2=21 then 2+1=3.
    Is that how you saw it?