Friday, February 06, 2009

the joys of moving

the joys of moving, originally uploaded by freestone.

the joys of moving
oh the "joys" of moving!!

I now hopefully will soon live in a larger apartment, in my senior residence. "Moving" is the pits. this image only shows the small of it! boxes and boxes and racks and racks of "junk"!
Each and every item nanip...nip...nip-u-lated over and over and over, each item placed and set, one by one, endlessly!

[80%, I find, of life, is "preparing for something else"!]

In the 80s, I helped my sister move FIVE TIMES in 16 months, and she had mankiller-heavy couches and U-hauls full of stuff. The she died, and I had to open up those 250 boxes in her house and the 500 boxes
in the warehouse! Took me nearly six to eight months, then after *that*, my father went into Intensive care and I immediately drove 1200 miles to live with my aunt for a year as my father forgave me, having "blamed me for everything", when he went over the edge as his wife, my mother, was killed in that auto wreck when the red sports car came over the hill in her lane at 120 mph!!
[another two years of estate Work!]
and had a long slow reunion, then he too passed away.

[and people ask me why I never ever married or had a Career!!]

I have an "ulterior motive" for this image! I order some Huge computer Object at Best buy, they are supposed to deliver it today, friday, and I ordered it over a week ago, long before I knew that the one-bedroom was open for me. I may show this image to the best buy customer service so that they can know why I cannot pick it up: i may actually ask for a refund.
precis: I have absolutely no clue as to how teenagers can order a ticket that costs $70 for a rock concert, a concert that will occur a couple of months in the future!! With ME, if I were to do this, I will discover that "life wins" and that concert would be the *very* last thing that i can attend as something else happens, on that date, that is much more important or "required"!


I hope that I will soon enjoy my new place.


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