Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bluegrass listeners

Bluegrass listeners, originally uploaded by readerwalker.

Bluegrass listeners
Homeless men waiting for a bluegrass quartet to play their next piece in the pavilion next to the public library on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the light was so dim under the pavilion under the dark rainy sky I had to use a high ISO (800), so the noise (grain) is popping out all over. Odd how camera settings for the dark interior made the background outside look deceptively bright.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 18 Jan 09, 5.24PM EST.

freestone says:
ya Know, that grainyness *IS* the photo!

that is.....

------the image looks like it comes direct from about 1910, or maybe one of those piuctures from the Mountains taken during the gret depression, or even the earlier, back around 1890 when wet plates were used, and the image molders away for a number of years in someones attic!!

that sitting guy looks like, in his Pose, that this all that he does. sits all day. for years. waiting with a bored determination: he has no talants and no one will touch him and he has nothing that can be contributed that anyone would accept as being valid in our todays culture! maybe long ago in another place, he might be a village elder or a shaman or something helpful, now all that he might see is
ho to remove the PAIN from living.

change him?

why not change us to his way?! *we* would look sullen and protest, would we not?!


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