Friday, November 21, 2008

things are better than they look!

hi all.

yes, I think that "things are better than they look"!

I am not writing, here, about the economy or the politics. These are only aftereffects of other events.

there is something of an artist's painting, that I saw way way back in June of this 2008 year.
He painted this work, showing some natural scenery of Florida. he was utterly unaware, however, that embedded in his work was also the workings of spirit and this is not the first time that I noted this in paintings, murals, songs, movies, during the last 50 odd years since I went to college.
[this second i am in the Florida state university library, the exact same place in this library that i did my homework and researches in, in 1960...63!]

I have seen this Message delivered in many works of art, as i say and it is the very same message, delivered over and over again. cannot just be a "coincidence" or maybe just my own "seeing eye projections".
[do not even ask how many paintings and murals showed the 9/11 trade center being taken down, months and years before it happened, why nearby from here, Tallahassee, there was a library mural that even showed the very two planes, painted in about 1990!]

[freestone stops, here, for a moment, and looks again at about four paintings and murals and book illustrations, that he has seen over the last ten to twenty years, then he adds the Information from about ten of his DreamVisions too, each and all saying the very same thing!!

what do they say?!
In short:
---the human race is Cultured, just like the kids in grade one to twelve, are "cultured" by the curriculum people to advance through the grades until they are supposed to graduate and then go off to college. the kids never ever see these puppet masters, all the kids think of, at least in the grades, is that they all want to go outdoors and to play, after school is over: for the day and for the year.

being Prepared for Adulthood, that is what this Manipulation is for!

and *our* adulthood is to live forever in a spirit world where there is no more earthly incarnations...reincarnations!

these paintings and murals, at least, show to me the list of Avatars of the Race, all ten of them.
Krishna is # 8 and Jesus is #9.
the "actions" of the 10th avatar is upon us all, does not matter if there is a Incarnation of such, the ever looked for and feared by many...the Second Coming, itself, of Jesus!

the message really is....from the paintings, for me, personally and broadcast in symbols for everyone who looks at these art works, is: that the human race has a good grade!
that we all and each are doing well, the "grade" that i saw, in a dream, once about ten years ago, was "95%"!
over 90% are vibrating in soul such that they are "passed" and will Graduate into heaven.
and...back about 200 years ago, the level of the human race was about maybe 20% passing!
this was NOT good! most of the human race would have been left behind, in some great ascension earthchange event, and might have to REPEAT the grades on another planet around another sun, maybe another 12,000 years and never ever to rejoin those who passed.

truly the heaven of the Elite. this was what was....

there were masters of the white light who feared that the new heavens would thus ONLY be for the elite, alone. then there were "masters" who wanted it this way!
[great conflicts in heaven, nearly a war in heaven: over if the "asleep" and the "sinful" would never ever be worthy of living permanently in the afterlife worlds!]

I feel the Christ, himself, intervened. He aimed to treat those 80% failures like he thought of the "other thief" or that woman of the well of Samaria!


one of my very first clues that massive intervention was taking place was to read a footnote in a book about the Master maher baba, written by a devotee. this writer wrote that baba was initiated by SHIDI SAI BABA, a indian master who lived from about 1850 to 1918.
he wrote, in his bombshell of a footnote, that Shirdi had a 'self-aware" higher self, a Self that could do independent actions, in the spirit world, beyond shirdi's living incarnation self.
Thus this Higher Shirdi,
[quote, more or less....]
"wrote, produced, directed, ; the whole 5 to 7 odd years of WW I, and did this for both sides, allies and axis, and that he did this to give to humanity the curriculum for lessons to learn"!

[I read this in this very library that I am now sitting in, the book was probably 50 feet from where i sit, now long moved to ???? place.]

ooooh the pain of accelerated learning! to get this 80% fail rate to less than 5% fail rate, means
a LOT of "I, Jesus, bring the soul to fire...anvil..water, to Forge the hardened blade of the soul"!!

so in the 40...50 years since my College, I have had many dreams and "Showings" like of being directed to look at artworks, to see that most of the time of the last 50 years has had us cultured like pearl-oysters!
the conspiracy people have a clue; they only see the material influences though, they do not see the puppet strings going up to spirit, from the puppet master hands of the "Illuminati" and the
Manipulators of the oil and the wars!

thus the 10th avatar's Influence is upon us all.
thus, and it is very hard to put words *on* my intuitive feelings, it is thus so that most of the sufferings of people are due to this accelerated learning, to get more souls to be able to "get on the boat", as one of my dreams told me.
my own earthlife was extended at least three times, since 1993, or so, so that I could be an ASTRAL helper in the dream worlds, a spirit helper to work with people who are dead but stuck, and also help other people on earth, from my astral vantage point, directed by angels and guides.

why in one dream, a few years ago, I was directed to visited the astral counterpart land of some eastern country. certainly Arabic. I was Invoked by the healers of the temple of arrived-from-earth, souls, who come to heaven very needful of healing. there was a severe, a VERY severe case of a troubled soul, in one of the back rooms. i was supposed to bond with him, so that a connection could be made between his 'earthiness" and my "spiritness", then i would leave and they would pick up from there.
they led me into his dark small room. a man on a bed. his face was bloody and his beard was raggy. as I peered at him, suddenly a kind of "before" image of his face overlaid this ruined face: thus i now knew who this patient is!
yes, the man who the cia/military people dragged up out of a hole, on that farm there in Iraq, the leader was now caught, tried and then executed, the once "great" king of Iraq!
and I "had" to meet and to bond with him in soul!

hu.....mility!! if he is Worthy, then in my humbleness, all could be worthy!

for...if HE is now one of the 95% saved [that 95% was a number given to me about ten years ago, now this percentage is probably much higher!]
for if He is Worthy, then what about anyone else?
[fill in the blank] the homo...the abortion doctor....the CEOs of name them; you might indeed get to know them each and all, in your afterlife, and they could be *just* as saved as you are, fellow Christian!! and you and they live next door to each other in deep companionships, for years, in heaven!

heaven is not for the elite: it is for you and I.

my little rant is done with. it is hard to put words on intuitive feelings, that "we all and each are OK, in the light of spirit's final judgements". the only way that i can "explain' it, is to give examples from my visions and from what i see Inspired into artist's works, by Spirit!


fall cloud, the end of the rainy season

ll cloud, the end of the rainy season
a fall day here in tallahassee, florida, the end of the rainy season.

A small shower is getting ready to begin, soon rain will fall from under this cloud. Taken near sunset.

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Nov 08, 9.31AM EST.

my Door

my Door, originally uploaded by freestone.

my Door
the door to my small apartment, in the senior Home for Independant living.
"Georgia Belle".

the two pictures on the corners at the top of the door, are from the
Westminister calander for 2009, I cannot have the calander open in my room as the ink so bothers my lungs.
[many books and magazines I cannot comfortably read, my COPD lung irritations bother me! the national Geographic is now "Toxic Substance", the ink so bothers me!]
Prize winning portraits, from the Art Show judgings, apparently.

the "japanese" paper is where on "Asia day" on the park, where Asian people from different Asian countries had an exibition and that japanese is what my nane looks like in Japanese [? katikanie"]

the red-banded square is where someone sent to me a card.

the two pictures of the animals and of the people, are from the Watchtower magazine, from the Johovah's witness people. they have such good illustrations of what the heavens will be like, when we all get there, only they think that these "paradise" worlds will be here on earth.

Yes, my Door, nearly every door here, of the 160, or so, people, have something on them. But I note that many men have nothing on their door whatsoever except the mandatory nametag.

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Nov 08, 9.31AM EST.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the new "superblog"

well I have found

This network site seems to specialize in small interest groups especially the spanish and Portuguese users. there are many sites and group that are about spiritism and the "afro" spiritist religions.

I have brought over a number of my posts, to this site, they have a nice way to import many of the posts and images from blogger.

there almost certainly will be duplicate entries here, and I will probably leave them there unless they are right next to each other. some are from my visions and dreams writeup blog.

[where my visions and astral travel dreams are written up at. end time visions and ufo abduction experiences too!]

and others are from my usual rant blog that is also a photoblog

not all of the posts from these blogs are here, one can go to the sites and do a look and search. for instance: the alien abductions experiences did not make it to the list, go to the site to read of them!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

feeling one's future, one should do this!

hi all....
I live in an independent living facility for the seniors. I am also on HUD rent support. I live in a very small efficiency on the 5th floor. they told me when I moved in, in 2003, that someday one of the one-bedroom apts will open up and the rent is the same for HUD people.
well today they offered me such an apartment, a one bedroom apartment on the corner floor at the 11th floor. apt # 1111.the view was tremendous, i could see the flatlands for miles and miles.I probably would not get another offer for months or even for years.
I and the manager went to look at it. I told her that I needed to be there utterly ALONE, as i told her that i needed to feel it out.[i had to be there alone so that there is not other vibration in the room.]
very very interesting what i felt, way up there, in a place that most seniors would "give their eyeteeth for", let alone the rest of us.
my first feeling was of NAKEDNESS! as if i were to live exposed on a steel girder hanging in space. then I heard the Noises! I could hear every hammer-pound, of hammers on the hotel construction site, over a block away. then I heard every tire rotation, of the cars on the two six lane streets, blocks away. I probably could hear a bird preening its feathers too, also a kid licking his lollipop!like: sleeping in a rock concert!![my nervous system is SO sensitive, that every little noise will wake me up, every little sound, as i am falling asleep, will startle me utterly awake!]
I suddenly realized that i never ever could comfortably live above the tree line, maybe the 6th floor, as the trees muffle the sounds from far away. I can sleep only fitfully where I am now!!
*this* is my point of my post: that one should try to feel the predictive future of any action that one chooses, in life! to feel out the future, feelingly or buy *that* house, and not notice the empty lot next door has survey markers on it and low and behold a month after you move in they begin to build a new house there and the construction machinery is ten feet from your bedroom window!like: say "yes" to accepting a free kitten and not notice the infection on one of its ordering the chicken at the fast food place and you see that they are going to give to you the very last few pieces in the pan, you ask yourself how old is it and then choose not to order it.
this refusal to take up some very symbolic "1111" number, to me has "awful' consequences too: do i accept them?! soul cannot "vibrate" on the high heaven level that is expected of me when i get there, after I die! I have been told that in my dreams that my soul has very little of this high vibration in it; and it is nothing that i can do about this, and i feel that it is the Lord's doing for this as i am supposed to remain in the lower planes after i die and soon the ascension for the whole race will happen. I am to become one of the helpers to get laggards to go upwards to their new heaven home. probably after all souls are gone, me and probably the other helpers, could be transferred to the regular heavens of another race's heavens, in the galaxy, a planet system around another sun![what one chooses has Consequences far far beyond what might be apparent to the "naked mind"!]
I accept this, if this is so. some people have to do this, there has to be janitors to clean up after the party and to check to see if any of the discarded food could really be saved in the refrigerator!
"know thyself".this is important, not only for the obvious reasons, but for of this, to know if some "refusal" is a "neurotic fear refusal" or maybe of some deeper reason coming from the soul and spirit. thus i can forgive myself for not taking this apartment!and..."defensive living"; one should try to feel out the future of any action that is to be chosen.

a Vision: snowy winter for the northeast

[just beyond that white field, across the lake, I can *almost* see my childhood home, where I grew up and spent those 19 years. I lived there in the 90s for about three years, the last time that I lived there, in Interlaken, the Home of the Twilight Zone. Rod Serling is buried in the town cemetery!

hi all......
I got my weekly letter from my aunt in upstate new york, the finger lakes region, near Ithaca, yesterday.[she and her husband, married since 1953, lived in the same house with 8 kids, farmers all of their lives. One son owns the farm now, she cans and freezes and is the Choir director of her church, "old time" people!]
Her Husband always dreams the winter to come, if that winter is going to be a bit different from normal winters.
she wrote, in my letter, that he has dreamed, over and over, of shoveling snow, a *LOT* of snow and he dreams this over and over, for the last week or so.
she tells me that this means, of course, that there will be a lot of snow this winter. [the normal snowfall there is from 40 to 100 inches a year]I have seen in 1993, when i lived there, about 100 inches, that year a snowshoe would be needed just to walk across the yard! four feet on the level by winter end.Thus i would imagine that there will be many many "Northeasters", with gales afterwards, the big cities will have exhausted their snow removal budget by January 15th. bear in mind that up *there*, in the northeast, way inland, up where i came from, often in march, winter sometimes really BEGINS, and I have once seen a two week blizzard, where over a foot of snow fell and the wind blown drifts were ten feet high, at the end of APRIL!!
get your snow shovels ready now, northeasterners!!
a long cold snowy winter, that is what he sees, at least the snowy part.["global warming" only means that the cold winter with blizzards is snow at 25 degrees instead of snow at 23 degrees, and thus the slightly warmer temps means that there will be MORE snow, in each blizzard!]

Monday, November 17, 2008

ruminations on today's poor economy!

so here now I have a "grey" display page, not so good looking, maybe, but I have seen some very very unreadable "xanga" type of blogs where the color of the page is purple and the color of the type is also purple! yipes!

The economy.

the van goes to Walmart, a lot, now at my senior home, I heard last year a lady tell the desk lady, "if it were not for Walmart, I would not know what to do"!
yes, the walmart new age bashers are not *old*, they can walk well, see well, and do not need every single object-of-purchase in one store! they Do not know, these put-downers. after all , the seniors are just trying to recreate that small town shopping area where one could go
to all of the places along the three blocks, in 30 minutes. *now* you need a car and even for three kinds of screwdrivers you have to try to visit at least three different hardware stores all across town!

*can* we all "put it back into the 1880 box", where we all live like 1880 where trains and stages were the only way to travel and all of the young people remained back in their small hometowns and we all were a nation of farmers?!
yes, go back to women stay home and raise the kids, the men never travel more than 20 miles from home....etc...etc...

soon, we all might not have BUT that choice, but to get to that "good ole days" we each and all would have to change *everything* in our lives!

ah....there is yet more to this, would you go back to 1880 where I, and all of the seniors in my Residence would now be DEAD?! Modern Medicine, of course changes things.

end of rumination for today.....


Sunday, November 16, 2008

the messed up template


I am tired of the blogger errors when I try to change something in my template, thus i had to redo it. looks a bit ugly, but I Have Learned!

learned that "beauty" is very often Function, does it Actually Work!
Now at least one can comment and then see the comments in a feed on the sidebar.

maybe someday i will have time to "prettify" my page again!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a good translation site program

here is a very good site to translate Portugese into english!

I will need to use this often, here!


my astral rescue mission for a man who did not know he was dead!

hi all.

another one of those astral travel dreams last night. In this one, the experience began when I awoke to find that I was in an open field near someones home and the owner of the house was sitting on the ground. the air was dark and gloomy, and i could feel that he was depressed. the surroundings fitted his mood well!

I stood before him and in one of those Knowings, knowings that I would never ever have as "freestone", i told him that he was DEAD!
"YOU ARE DEAD, I yelled. I shouted that he died and that he did not know this at all and that he was only sitting in the low astral, thinking that he was still alive.

no response.

I then Invoked the name of Jesus and invoked that he with his angels come to fetch him to a real heaven.
Suddenly i saw that there was a ring of light about ten feet across, slowly descend upon him and over his shoulders. I could then tell that "they" were taking him upwards to a higher and real heaven plane.

In most of people's rescue missions of this sort, and in many of my own others, I would normally see that he would bodily rise up and vanish from sight as he would raise in vibration to go into that Place.
In this one, however, I went with him! that circle of light included me too! Both of us appeared in what looked to be a kitchen in a house, a large kitchen. Then about four people came over to embrace him: his relatives, or angel helpers, probably. they hugged him very tightly, as if they were afraid that he would go into denial and then slip away from heaven to go back down to his "haunt", the backside to the earthplane!
They took him away, i was then alone. I could, however, see through a window into the dining room; around the table were about ten people of different ages, probably his relatives.
As I left this place, I saw above me through the ceiling, several people getting up from their chairs and they each was taking off of their heads some kind of "instrument" that looked to be exactly from a science fiction novel i once read where a person could wear a kind of large helmet where he could imagine a scene and then this scene would appear before them in the world!
[this house, kitchen. etc, was Imagined by souls higher up in the heavens, just for this rescue mission!]

I was getting to leave this house when apparently I was "Noticed" by the guides there!! The inference was that my presence there was not usual.
As I stood near them, I saw the Person in charge, of this heaven project of soul-rescue. Someone told me that this person comes from the 21st plane. [21 levels of heaven, i read once that the 21st level is the first of the GOD-PLANE levels]
He briefly appeared and slightly out of focus at that, but I could see his wide smile and his "afro-like" hair.

I betcha: Sathya sai baba!!

Then the guide told me that I must stay AWAY from this Overguide!! not to have anything to do with him!
[I can see WHY: he is utterly of India-path and i am utterly of the western way of living, spiritually as well as technologically. a "cat and dog" comparison.]

end of dream.

no dream, this, of course. I would call these experiences, "near death experiences", really, as they are not dreams!


Monday, November 10, 2008


I am discovering the incredible world of Brazil and its spiritist churches, from kardec to umbanda.for instance, a link.
here is a site, american site, in english.
more to come......