Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustave created, clouds

Gustave created, clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

Gustave created, clouds
Looking towards the West, from my 5th floor landing, I can see the setting sun highlighting the outermost clouds from Hurricane Gustav.

I do not think that many people know just how FAR the influences of a hurricane can extend! In 2005, one of the major storms had gotten to North carolina and there was a rainband on the radar near Miami, florida!
These few clouds are at the very western edge. No rain fell, as they passed overhead, an hour before.

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The Catholic Prophets Encyclopaedia

The Catholic Prophets Encyclopaedia

Science is a bit like a horror movie but it gives you nightmares when you are awake instead…”

Thursday, August 28, 2008

hi all.

Just now I found this here GEM of a vision, a vision that I must have had, back in a few years ago: I wrote it up, then forgot about it.
[No wonder it is urged that visionaries and dreamers keep a journal!!]

Yes, last night I had yet another out of body dream to visit heaven, I seem to have one or three per week, now. This one slightly "disturbs" me as the meaning of this dream would challenge many orthodox views of hell and heaven!

This dream begin when I note that I am floating, or flying, along and over a road that climbed a bit uphill. I then entered a "zone", a place, a world, and I knew what and where this place is, having been here a few times before. This heaven zone appears to be what some people might call "purgatory", or what I might call, "a place where the souls go who have not developed enough, in their lives, enough spiritual life, to be able to ascend to the heaven higher up the mountain place where most "good" people go when they die. They arrive here to await help or to begin to remove some of their earthly "heavy" vibes.

[the "outer courtyard" of heaven, not hell, but not heaven.]

As I entered this Zone, I noted that the sky was grey and the haze was very fog-like, as usual. tis foggy here all of the time. I then entered a village of run-down houses and dreary streets: looked *quite* a bit like some English midland coal mining town or southern Appalachian similar coal industrial city.

I stopped to ask a man who was standing along a street.

"I was summoned here to attend a party-like meeting, can you tell me where this house is, I usually can enter to be right near it". He told me of some ...."yes the city's intellectuals and artists are having a get-together just at the end of this street".

I then went further along this street. I noted some very very strange designs of buildings, all set up to be drama-houses or theaters of some sort.

I also noted that the sky was beginning to clear up, I could now see some blue sky between the clouds, and I "scratched my head" over this as this Zone is always cloudy and dreary as this is the Law, here, as the Operating Conditions of this place!

Yes I found the place where I was apparently summoned to. In a large house was apparently the Leaders and the highest souls, of this city within this zone. dozens of people and i am not sure if all were residents or some maybe also out of body came here.

For some reason they particularly summoned me, maybe because of my knowledge of weather, having an interest in weather all of my life and went to college to study weather, too, in the 60s. They all wanted to know why the sky was clearing!!

Then I sort of "went into meditation mode" and then seemingly contacted my higher self, much like Jane Robert's Seth, who many feel that Seth is Jane's higher self.

This was *another* freestone speaking now! As if i were channeling my self, my upper Soulself, to these assembled people!

I told them that this clearing of the skies was not an accident or of some temporary aberration

of astral weather: this is permanent and the fog will soon be gone and the sky will be, from now on, mostly clear. The, I said, that this reason for the changes is that this whole level of

purgatory, in fact all of what was considered to be called, by some, purgatory, is to be changed so that purgatory itself is to enter heaven so that there is just now one heaven for the human race, with all of its small culture-Zones within itself, but yet all under one Arch-heaven.

[the summer "reform school" before the fall college entry, will not now exist, for those who lag behind: the reform school kids will enter college directly!]

[I told them all, via my higher self, that now Purgatory was part *of* heaven, not in some lower level below heaven!]

Then I told them something even the more strange!

I told them that the hell worlds are next on this "agenda" of Change! That immanently the hell worlds will all be brought up to heaven so that all of their residents will now live in heaven, even the "arch-demons"! Thus there will be truly one vast heaven-universe, for the new age of mankind, everyone will live in the same vibrational place, when this is finished!

[read that: that heaven and hell and purgatory will be in the very same place! That there will be, soon, in the heavenlands, only ONE heaven, no hells, no purgatories!]]

I then told them, in "difficult-to-convey" language that the reason that this vast change is being done is that the very nature of "spiritual salvation", the meaning of having "Jesus in your heart, in your life", has undergone a RADICAL change, over the last few number of years.

[i.e that channeled book from the 60s where the son, in heaven, was telling his family through his mother, maybe, how it is like to live in heaven and one family member asked why the kids of "today" are so restless, and the son told him that Jesus lowered himself right down next to the boundary between heaven and the earthplane; his Presence there is stimulating the most flexible people, the young! This channeling was done in the 70s, i think.]

--that somehow, now, nearly ALL of the "dead arriving souls into the heavens" are "saved", whether they know it or not, or even if they "deserve it to go to hell" according to christian doctrines!

the drug dealers, the abortion doctors, the murderers, all are now *just* as saved as any devout christian is!!

---and that even somehow Jesus managed to enter the purgatory and the hell worlds to "save" these souls too!

Thus all are now saved, there will be no more need for purgatories and hells, a true one heaven where all souls will mingle together to begin the new age of the "new heavens", apparently!

[not only no hells or purgatories, but that all of their residents, Demons included, are now to become residents of heaven, the same heaven that the "saved" Christians aspire to go to, a true "one world"!! No more hell. no more Demons separated from mankind. Demons are saved too.



a bit much even for me to grasp! but that is the "dream report" uncensored, given as remembered, with probable slight distortions of recalls!

no wonder, MAYBE, that the end times are being delayed. Gives time for, not only for more souls to be saved, but to give time to transfer even the very worlds over to another vibrational form!

[This is nearly more than I can grasp, people, in its *RADICAL* concepts!
--that the "new heaven" will be the only afterlife world that is to exist, except perhaps for the very very high heavens of the saints/holy men, those who have gone on before to there.
that all incoming souls will go to this place, no matter what they did for a life: abortion doctors, child sexers, Amazon fore$t clearer$, etc,etc.
---that maybe 95 percent of all of the souls of mankind, will be harvested *as* wheat, not "tares"!

No Wonder that in succeeding dreams and visions, I have had similar experiences, being told the same thing.

*this* could ALSO be one major reason why all of the "end time visions", earthchange visions, of Seers, me, others, are now "off" or wrong: the whole process of the afterlife is being changed even as I now type this out, august 28th of 2008! Thus all of the "old" ways of entering heaven, are no more to be, will not to be, thus the "Harvest techniques" will ALSO have to change too, thus the very way all of us come into heaven, will also change, has changed somewhat, already!



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fay, the Storm, The trees bend.

Fay, the Storm, The trees bend.
Tropical Storm Fay, here in Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

"only a tropical storm" they say, maybe winds got up to 40 mph, in gusts. But ooooh, the rain!! Tallahassee airport "only" had
about 7 inches but my friend Eric had a rain gauge, on the east side of the city, he got 15 inches OF RAIN for a day and a half's worth of rain. Some parts of Leon county had over 20 inches of rain!

All day long, from dawn until about 6 PM, the sky and the trees looked just like the video that you see here!

I did not go out, this saturady, thank you. The parking lots, today, are
littereed with ruined unbrellas!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

the Lucid Light of tropical Storm Fay!

the Lucid Light of tropical Storm Fay!
The sun has set, the light still dimly underhighlights the low and the medium clouds, of

Tropical Storm Fay.

I really like that slightly purple color of the sky, this sky is acually the higher clouds of this storm.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Sometimes one can take better pictures of these tropical storm from way way off to the side of the storm, as *in* the storm, there may only be clouds and rain, and grey skies!

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Aug 08, 9.10AM EDT.

color of Storm Fay!

color of Storm Fay!, originally uploaded by freestone.

color of Storm Fay!
the setting sun shines under the western cloudbands of the tropical Storm Fay.
Tallahassee, Florida, usa.
From my 6th floor landing stairwell window, looking west: the sky is clear there and the suns shines under the stormclouds illuminating them from below.
Hurricanes give the very best sunsets, I have found!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

my "vacation" trip to lake city!


Saturday Mornings with Lucy>HERE
Adventures in Undiscovered Florida

The other day, I had to make a trip to Lake City, Florida, a small city of 15,000, about 90 miles to the east of Tallahassee. I had to have a "consult" with a doctor about my "MAC" condition, at the veterans hospital there. The trip by van took all day, getting there and back.

[another career, the "second career", that most elderly begin to have, by the time they get to be over 65:
----the tests, the baseline scans, the consults, the followups, the checkups, and this is just for one condition! Some seniors have ten or more Conditions! Each of these can take a day!]

So I went to have this done. The consult only took an hour, I had all afternoon free, so I walked to the downtown of this Lake city. About five blocks from the hospital.

The Point is.....that one can make a "special event" of almost anything! But it takes imagination and an ability to "step off of the path" to do so. I talked to the other vets on the van, took that walk, sat for an hour in the cafeteria experiencing the staff and patients of the hospital.
Thus I treated this trip as a "vacation"!

I went to a forest ranger school, here in this city, in 1963, the school promptly burned down!
I am not a stranger to this city. Apparently a huge mall was built out next to the two interstate intersections and then in a month or two, the whole downtown utterly DIED! A wholesale feeling of every merchant, nearly, to the mall, in fact the city itself is stretched out ten miles to Embrace this new intersection; probably the Influences were to make this intersection the "Real" Lake City!

So ten years later I walk downtown to see a vital and thriving small city downtown! I saw happy people, lots of small home owned stores and not a single franchise in sight, they all were at the mall, probably, where home owned businesses are actually frowned upon as the mall managements love to only rent to other huge franchises, as "big business" Understands the accounting of other big businesses, the small local business would be too too "individual" to Compute correctly there!
There is a real Soda fountain with a marble counter that looks to be 80 years old! Red rotating stools too! In a real drug store also! And real milkshakes and sodas!
Oh that counter was nearly empty, at 1 PM, but all of the tables were packed with people.

Then I saw that Mural! It was only recently made, made to celebrate a small town reinventing itself, that there IS Life After Malls!

This mural is one of the most "3-dimensional" wall murals that I have ever seen! A photo of it does not do it justice

Friday, August 15, 2008


The other day i got a letter from a psychic friend, someone who has visions and dreams and other psychic events, events like of the last one that he had, days ago.

He was standing, waiting for a bus, when essentially his eye vision became very very "strange", like of a fugue state that sometimes happens when Spirit is communicating.
His head was directed to look at a sign on a truck, or vehicle, the only word that was highlighted was the word


He fears a bit that there will be a pandemic soon.

but *will* there be?!

The Nature of Visions again! Cayce saw that California will fall into the sea, was he wrong?

I, myself, had a vision of an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault, sometime, and a town below a hill had a tidal wave!
[danger danger in the Midwest! if the new Madrid has a bad quake the tidal waves from destroyed dams, of the 50+ dammed up lakes, will flood the downriver cities!]
At the end of this vision i was shown a map of the USA and most of North America was Islands: looked like the Philippines! *will* I be wrong?!

for Cayce and me being wrong?


both of us, I think, were seeing into the Deep Time future! Like millions of years from now, California will have pulled away from North America, continental drift, and the Nebraska sea may come back, the land sinks, for the east coast.
In Spirit there is no time, time becomes stranger and stranger as one goes up the planes.

But a Pandemic?

In ten years, in 200 years, in 4000 years: but what counts is if this vision is for like three years with a 60% kill rate!! But again, when a psychic is Given a vision, then one would have to ask "who" gave it through this psychic!! A psychic is often like a communal blog, anyone with basic
credentials can post there, and do. Any spirit who is "with" this psychic could indeed give a message, for whatever reason. To warn, to create fear, to feed on uncertainties, to urge people to prevent such an event; many reasons.

These are "ifty" times, the terrible astrological aspects are only beginning to happen, and will last for years and years.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"go to work"!

This morning, people, I heard the Mantra yet again, from someone who sees the homeless wandering about the downtown of Tallahassee, and she says, "they need to get a job, to Go To Work"!

Then she told me some about her childhood life, she says that in her family of over 10 kids, if someone does not work, they do not eat! Everyone got up at 4 AM and worked , ALL of them, all day long, back in the Great Depression days.
I knew of a local Greek restaurateur, who came from Greece with $50 in his pocket and he opened a restaurant here in this city, years and years ago. Naturally he worked long long hours nearly ever day of the week. A server once saw him tossing the leftover cornbread into the trash, after dinner, she told him that he could donate it to the local church to feed the poor. he Abruptly told her, "I came here with $50 in my pocket and I *WORKED* hard for what I now have, THEY CAN TOO"!!

"THEY CAN TOO"!.......that is the "magic word" here!

There are several generational gaps at work here, in the 2000s. The older generation, who Knew the depression and WW II, they see life as something where one must work hard for every little thing and "life is hard", and one must hoard and "everything goes bad"!
their solution for the homeless is Simple: Get A Job!! even if it is cleaning the vats at the Arsenic factory, dawn to dusk 6 days a week, and die of arsenic poisoning at age 32, it is A JOB!
"I worked like a dog: they must too"!

Someone changed the rules in the middle of the game play, today! I see how there are different life agendas, different collective challenges for people, for souls, in this currant incarnational age. The older generation canned their dreams and hopes, placing them in boxes in the attic, like my mother did in the 1930s, where she placed her college artwork and her teachers certificate, so that she could raise her family. We found these things in 1975, after she died. My sister told me of how, in the 1940s, she heard my mother sneak out at night to play the piano, and play it very very well indeed! But these "arts" were not to be done, "work" is so so so much more important, after all, from 5 to 20 people depended upon your work, so you repressed it all.
I once had a man talk to me for four hours non-stop, telling me of how he did this, work from dawn to dusk 7 days a week for life and now is is very very angry as NOW all of the kids, he says, are now dancing the dances that he could not and HE IS PAYING THEM TO DO IT OUT OF HIS OWN MONEY!! he pays taxes, social security, etc, to fund the people on SSI and welfare and food stamps, all he sees is that now they all are living their dreams that he could not and doing it on his money to boot!
--you could have had him put his finger in the electric socket and his anger could have powered the city for over an hour!!

Is he right?
Are the kids of today right?!
has the spiritual Program changed, in the collective unconscious, and these older people cannot keep up?! I think so.

Actually, I have seen a number of Hippies, in the 70s, around Ithaca, new york, *want* the next great crash to happen, or that civilization end through earthchanges, so that their "survival commune rural" way of life could then be Realized! Yes, go back to 1820, where women stayed in the house to raise the kids and cooked and cleaned and the man works dawn to dusk; all now in "survival mode"!

---for if they did this, they would not Have To Choose, not to choose amongst the 1,000,000
choices of what the modern life has to offer, both "good" and "bad", like of the cafeteria lady, who was in her 70s, lost her husband, was of that Depression generation, where for a lady the man was *supposed* to do her thinking *for* her; now she was Alone, facing the 15 kinds of desserts and the 18 kinds of salads, she was a ship without a rudder, wheel, sail, anchor, motor!
She was *incredibly* Flustered and "beside herself" with indecision, she could not choose *which* one to order, she had no idea as to which one she wanted.
So these Hippies wanted the simple life where an Authority made the choice for them!
In fact, as the couple of years went by, I saw a number of my friends join cults, cults that
gave them this great opportunity: to have someone make all choice for them! I never ever saw these friends again. I once saw a couple, wearing white robes, get on the Greyhound bus, to go to Chicago to live in the "Ashram", of the Cult.
[Nowadays, the "cult" is liable to be where the "kids" join a different kind of Cult, like of
eating only a certain kind of food make a religion out of it, or Bond with the "9-11 movement", where Simple answers to all of the world's problems, are put forth! Now each and every issue has that One Simple Answer For!]

So much more of a subtle and deep spiritual Challenge for soul growth, is to have those million choices and to be able to use this great freedom of this age, to grow in soul/spiritual Understandings; if the world were to "end", via war or Volcano Yellowstone blowing up, why the Lessons would END, would they not? Then back to "survival mode"! But we all have done that mode before, all of us, a thousand times before, in past lives!! Over and over and over yet again!
[my "par idem" symbol of this Choice: to win the 15 million dollar state lottery and now you have taken the "30 payments" option, now you get $250,000 a year after taxes!

*WHAT*, sports fans, *will* you DO with all of this money?

that 1950s TV program, "THE MILLIONAIRE", each episode a stranger would be given a million dollars, and some people made good of it, other were destroyed. "choice", yet again.

So I would not want the end times to come for quite a while to come! I want to see the Lessons continue, as it is far far *more* challenging, I see here, to deal with Abundance, than with Poverty! "abundance", whether in money or Information, forces each of us to Choose, to choose between this or that path, thing, knowledge, and for many of us, this is too too much to handle, so that a "one choice which decides all future choices" route is taken. Fundamental Christianity, yes, but also a food cult, 9/11 conspiracy cults, or just to marry a strong person and let him/her
do all of the thinking!

Right this moment at this library, there are about five homeless people on the computers. They come every day, and stay from opening until closing time and often for 6 days a week! They are not Working, of course, which infuriates some of the building staff, who sees them coming in!
"get a job", they say, those of that older generation.
But what choice-lessons are being learned, by these homeless, as they surf the Internet? who is to say but Spirit what they are learning?! For all one knows, they might be learning more per day than that person who has that boring clerk or construction job!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

why some spirits do not like me: part II

given as a comment but the subject merits, to me, a post!
so here is another post about why some spirit, in my dream the other day, told me that he opposes me, opposes my Path.

If I have Jesus *as* a guide, and follow the mystical Christan path, then any soul, spirit, or earthly person will not like this if they are not on a Path of Spirit.
my childhood Interlaken, NY, hometown church had it where one Sunday the minister told us all of "how One should never ever marry an Unsaved person"!
I can now see very why!!--if i am saved and she is not, she is from "another Planet"! Our whole value systems are Utterly Utterly *Vastly* Different!! I live with the afterlife as a future, she lives with the idea that "power, money, material possessions" count for all as there is no life after death!
Also, a Spirit, in the afterlife, who has not that Connection with God, through the Christ Spirit, will not live there beyond the SECOND DEATH, which is begin born again on earth, reincarnating![a spirit guide once wrote...."souls celebrate *as* their birthday arrival in the spirit world, their death date on earth, and they die, their death date, *in* the heavens, as the day they reincarnate.]Thus when their spirit energy runs out, up there, they "fall down into the rabbit hole again", to reincarnate.But if one is Saved, then one is connected to the Christ, then one does not have to run out of energy and thus can incarnate if one wants to, only, one does not ever have to incarnate but I suppose many do, to help others, maybe.Thus some "black magic" spirits try to keep them selves from reincarnating by using and getting some more energy from people on the earthplane, by stealing it or bonding them to their path!
thus many many ways one can be "opposed" in the spirit worlds!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a Vision last night: 100s of buzzards flying to the east!

hi all.

here last night I had this omenious vision dream. I posted it up at my "where I post my writeups of my dreams and visions" site, so to avoid google duplicates.

This is where I dreamed of hundreads of Buzzards flying eastwards, from my childhood area in upstate new york, they all went eastwards in a river of huge birds.

Then I was shown that I should study the astrological aspects for the next two years, probably the buzzards refer not only to the war in Georgia, but to the next two years of wars? or earthchanges?


Friday, August 08, 2008

I am opposed, in the astral worlds!

I had a small dream the other night, just someone showing me a letter with a line of print on it, the line more or less just said,

" [??]rrol opposes you"!

At first I thought that it was someone that I knew who turned against me later in his life, it could be.
Then this morning I had a "just before awakening" sort of small dream that expanded a bit on this.

That there are, in the lower heaven worlds, groups of souls that want to reinforce
VICES in the souls below them, in the lower astral worlds, below the astral worlds, and on earth.
These entities are higher in levels than the souls who do these "Vices", but these entities derive their power from the focus given to them from all of the people below, involved in whatever that "vices" word means.

--I suppose these are "drinking, gambling.....etc..etc...the "Standard Christian vices"!

Needless to say, these Controlling souls are *not* looking to advance to higher levels in heaven, they are maintaining their position as they think that this is the last level that there is, in heaven; by maintaining their level there, they will not have to reincarnate again upon the earthplane!!

Of course I am just writing out the Standard Idea of "demons and Satan and the sins" idea of Christianity!

There is a bit more to this, though!
my friend who might have been referred to: he was a powerful Indian Shaman, in a past life, and I feel that in his present earth life, before he died, he did not like to become a "white man's way"
person! He did not take advantage, perhaps, of his incarnation opportunities, to learn what the 20th century could teach and show to him! "behind" him ,in spirit, there were many many shamans "with" him. All wanting to maintain their position in the spirit world.

Very very similar to the "vices" controllers! Even today, many souls who were Native American Indians, in the past life, want to go back to their ancient ways, ways which are now Outdated for them. Like of a 6th grader wanting to go back to 5th grade.

Many many shamans, i read, have no "love"! they operate via the control and power Way! they are thus feared, not loved, in their village, they could make life very miserable for anyone who they dislike, by occult means! And no love between shamans either! Only room for one shaman, the other must die, thus they fight each other.

I, myself, would want to synthesise, I would want the best of the shaman Way to be synthesized with the White Man's way! After all, the 6th grader uses 5th grade stuff, I would want even the Christ-centered soul to have a good standing in the astral shaman world, and vis versa! To bring these ways together.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Deceased sister had Jesus in her heart

Deceased sister had Jesus in her heart
My sister, Suanna Wilson, died in march of 1986, and I spent months and months working on her estate. [500+ boxes in a warehouse!]

There was a "chance" encounter with a painting, a painting that
I had to late draw out from memory, which is this image above.

The Message was that my sister had Jesus in her heart: as if there were two souls in her heart, Jesus's and hers!

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Jun 08, 9.13AM EDT.


I will add yet more to this image's interpretation, as I have a feeling as to what was conveyed, here, to me.

Each plant leaf is the soul's reach into a plane of heaven. Reincarnation will cease as being *Necessary* at the 4th level, the 4th leaf, of heaven. Notice that the leaf of Jesus sort of "pushes" her 4th leaf over to be onto the land, having Jesus in her heart now keeps her from experiencing the SECOND DEATH, which I infer to be "Reincarnation again onto the earthplane"!

Note too that this Jesus "comes down" from the 2nd plane into the first plane, the first leaf. that 1st plane is our earthplane, thus Jesus is not of the earth, where my sister is, her 1st leaf is of the earth.

4 plane = "Home base in heaven"

5th = place where one can synthesize all of the past lives, in retrospect.

6th = now the soul looks Upwards to god, standing on the mountain top looking up. the center of gravity is now upwards, the "hanged man" of the tarot cards.

7 = merging into God, or Joining the galactic community of Transcending Souls.

--- a posted Comment to someone, on a blogger blog, where she writes about the need to have the thoughts of Jesus always there, all day long, as she wends her way throughout her day!

nice blog.

your paragraph reminds me of what some minister said about the Light: which is brighter, the lighthouse on the ocean point, two miles away, or that lit match that is about three inches away from your eyes?!

That match *looks* the brightest, as it is near you.

This is why Focusing on Jesus is so good as the Noise of the world will drown out the inner voice of Spirit, even though the Strength of Christ Spirit and the Holy Ghost is SO much more the Real: the world is right in one's face!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

dream interpretation: an art and a science. How to!

Dream interpretation.

Lots of books written, lots of people's ideas. here are a few of my own observations.
---Whatever is shown, the meaning of the object or event is anything but that!
If you dream of, say, an apple, it might mean "a pear"! But not an apple!
---Everything is symbolic, even the Spirit-given spiritual dreams.

[I once spent 30 minutes trying to help a lady interpret a dream where there was a kitchen and blackberries were served by her mother. Then the 30 minutes into the help-interpretation, she told me that it was not blackberries at all, it was "strawberries"! I lost my cool, got a bit riffed at her; I told her that I would have to begin again: 30 minutes wasted! Every bit of that dream hinged upon that one "minute" symbol!!]
MORAL: recall every tiny bit of stuff, in your dream recollections. The "surround" is of utter importance, maybe even much much more important that the object focused upon.
[notice certain paintings, the surround gives the character that is focused upon, his character.]
Like: if you dream of your grandmother standing in her yard and in the dream you see a hop toad on the grass, this toad is meaningful to the meaning of the grandmother.

--many dreams are a mixture of astral travel and earthly life. you might actually have had an Out of Body Experience, but you see only the events, in this vision, that you can understand from your life experiences; thus you might awaken thinking that you went to see your hometown high school, complete to the classrooms from 1964, but in Reality you were taken by angels to a School in the heavenworlds. The building looks a bit "otherworldly", in local reality, but the only way that you can "take this image home with you to your awakened daily life, is to "remake" this image into something that makes sense to you: your childhood school!

---These astral and heaven places are MORE Real than the earthworld places as these heaven places will still be there even after the earthplane places are only rubble!
I have read of places that have been "there" for thousands of years! As long as people need the places, they will be there.

--Sleeping on your back, i have found, stimulates the more astral travel dreams, you might have more of then by sleeping thusly!

---Pray for angels and guides and a wish to experience; then you might be taken to see heaven places.

---keep a journal of some sort, to record your dreams.

There. not a complete guide by any means, but just some comments upon dreaming. I have actually known some men who are PROUD that they never ever dream! And proud that they only sleep 3 hours a night.
There is a 85 year old man at my senior residence, Georgia Belle, who goes to bed at 2 AM and then gets up at 5 AM, and has done so for most of his 80+ years. he is the "salt of the earth", a garage mechanic from south Georgia. They do not make them anymore, i guess. Recite the Boy Scout Oath: *this* is what he is like, then add some good old christian fundamentalism, without the zealot conversion rants!!
"The Earth", he is....Literal and pragmatic, just the kind of guy who you would want to be beside you in your car when it breaks down at 11 PM on rural route 22!
But do not ask him about the modern age or about things of the mind or metaphysics!

[contrast and compare] ---to some new agers who i have known who DO dream a lot and have fantasy lives richly, but cannot even use a toaster or a water faucet without a meltdown of confusion.
[seriously]: i have seen all all too many psychic new agers who were utterly spacey and nearly void of any "common sense", being Prey to any emotional storm or fixation upon something like a "one kind of food is all you need"! I have known of Crystal using people who might have a powerful quartz Crystal to accentuate
some area of their chakras, only to become utterly emotionally unbalanced: *would* you make a chair with one leg 13 inches longer than the other three legs?!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

People's vibes and Auras.

I sit at a public libary that is sort of "obscure", and they let people use one of the 15 computers all day long, if no one else comes in. Some of the Homeless people are literally there all day long and for every day of the week and sat. too.
I used to sit at a certain computer until a "certain" man began to use the computer next to me. Ya know, there are people with such intense auras and vibes that if you were to sit 15 feet away from them you are still in their field of aura
and you better and might as well begin a conversation with him as you *are* already!

but "intense" does not mean, often, "high level old soul"!

A month ago, someone began to sit at the next computer over and his vibes are "sleazy"! I cannot even concentrate on my typing, if he is next to me, unless it is of the most technical stuff.

But I fear that it is of this "stuff" unless I pay the $700 a year for telephone and internet connection just for dialup!

Moral: better be aware of the people that you are going to sit near IF you are a psychic Sensitive!! Better not sit at that wonderful "Moosewood Resturant" supper, if the person next to you is angry or in a bad mood! I find that i can *never* ever "transcend" such vibes as I feel his feel more than he often feels himself!
[have to "cure" him or leave: as if this feeling is mine alone!]

I once saw two people standing next to each other; one person was real real fidgety, the other stood calmly.
But I knew, or rather *felt* who the antsey person was! the calm person, on the OUTSIDE, but inside he was a buzz of discordant mental energy. The antsey physical person next to him was just being *Calm* by standing like a cork in a flooded river, bobbing with the flow of things!

[I can well See, and Know, why the Baptist preacher says, "never ever marry an Unsaved person"! why? because that other person, not saved, and you are, is "from Mars", from nearly another race of beings, the difference is so so profound!]

I have been Told, in my dreams, that some of my Sensitivity has been removed for my own Protection! After all, I live in a city of 300,000 and I live in a senor Home of 160 people. Probably about 40% of the people, here, take anti-depressant drugs and I can well see WHY! Most have lost their wife/husband and many go right to the Currant News, the REAL news, first, in the morning's paper: the Obituaries!
To see whom they know that have died. How would you like to live where most of what you once loved, the 1950s way of life is now Gone and you are too too old to readily learn tatooing or dulcimer playing, thus most of today is beyone you, most of the 2001s are Mars! Thus you wait at the Bus Stop for the Hearse to come by to pick you up!