Sunday, December 21, 2008

the live camera sees....,

sees a nice winter day, there near my hometown. why in fact one can almost see my hometown, off in the far distance across the lake, up near the top of the horizon line.

40 to 100 inches of snow per year. I read that they first made the song "Jingle bells" for a thanksgiving day song!
I wonder where this Place would be, a place where there might be three inches of snow on the ground, needing a sleigh to get to somewheres, on thanksgiving day?!!

my grandparents had such a sleigh in their barn, up until the 70s, when it was sold to an antique dealer.

probably for *THIS* place! i have seen where Halloween trick or treat was canceled due to the 6" of snow on the ground. do not get me started about the white Easters or the one white
memorial day weekend that I saw one year!!

On one october 5th day, I saw about a quarter inch of snow fall, enough to show upon the ground, then the sun came out and the temp "warmed" to about 35 degrees!

quite a contrast to where I live now, where yesterday the temp was about 78 degrees, here In Tallahassee, Florida!

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  1. Wow, is that really a pic of Cornell. How beautiful!