Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas at Georgia Belle

christmas at Georgia Belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

christmas at Georgia Belle
yes, here at my senior Home for Independant living, [Westminister foundation] there is this christmas tree.
No, the presents are only for looks, but the residents and staff decorated this tree.

Not many people here on xmas day, most were visiting their families nearby or far away. But for the few, like me, who remained here on xmas day, some of the staff put on a special breakfast for us all at 9 AM, xmas day. well attended too, maybe 40 people came.

This is why I like Georgia Belle, many many small reasons, this is one of them. Nice residents too!

So I wish everyone here, who looks at the photo, a good holiday.

Also somewhat amazing that this dimly lit room had this image come out well, without a flash, on my canon powershot a610.


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