Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a Vision: snowy winter for the northeast


[just beyond that white field, across the lake, I can *almost* see my childhood home, where I grew up and spent those 19 years. I lived there in the 90s for about three years, the last time that I lived there, in Interlaken, the Home of the Twilight Zone. Rod Serling is buried in the town cemetery!

hi all......
I got my weekly letter from my aunt in upstate new york, the finger lakes region, near Ithaca, yesterday.[she and her husband, married since 1953, lived in the same house with 8 kids, farmers all of their lives. One son owns the farm now, she cans and freezes and is the Choir director of her church, "old time" people!]
Her Husband always dreams the winter to come, if that winter is going to be a bit different from normal winters.
she wrote, in my letter, that he has dreamed, over and over, of shoveling snow, a *LOT* of snow and he dreams this over and over, for the last week or so.
she tells me that this means, of course, that there will be a lot of snow this winter. [the normal snowfall there is from 40 to 100 inches a year]I have seen in 1993, when i lived there, about 100 inches, that year a snowshoe would be needed just to walk across the yard! four feet on the level by winter end.Thus i would imagine that there will be many many "Northeasters", with gales afterwards, the big cities will have exhausted their snow removal budget by January 15th. bear in mind that up *there*, in the northeast, way inland, up where i came from, often in march, winter sometimes really BEGINS, and I have once seen a two week blizzard, where over a foot of snow fell and the wind blown drifts were ten feet high, at the end of APRIL!!
get your snow shovels ready now, northeasterners!!
a long cold snowy winter, that is what he sees, at least the snowy part.["global warming" only means that the cold winter with blizzards is snow at 25 degrees instead of snow at 23 degrees, and thus the slightly warmer temps means that there will be MORE snow, in each blizzard!]

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