Monday, November 17, 2008

ruminations on today's poor economy!

so here now I have a "grey" display page, not so good looking, maybe, but I have seen some very very unreadable "xanga" type of blogs where the color of the page is purple and the color of the type is also purple! yipes!

The economy.

the van goes to Walmart, a lot, now at my senior home, I heard last year a lady tell the desk lady, "if it were not for Walmart, I would not know what to do"!
yes, the walmart new age bashers are not *old*, they can walk well, see well, and do not need every single object-of-purchase in one store! they Do not know, these put-downers. after all , the seniors are just trying to recreate that small town shopping area where one could go
to all of the places along the three blocks, in 30 minutes. *now* you need a car and even for three kinds of screwdrivers you have to try to visit at least three different hardware stores all across town!

*can* we all "put it back into the 1880 box", where we all live like 1880 where trains and stages were the only way to travel and all of the young people remained back in their small hometowns and we all were a nation of farmers?!
yes, go back to women stay home and raise the kids, the men never travel more than 20 miles from home....etc...etc...

soon, we all might not have BUT that choice, but to get to that "good ole days" we each and all would have to change *everything* in our lives!

ah....there is yet more to this, would you go back to 1880 where I, and all of the seniors in my Residence would now be DEAD?! Modern Medicine, of course changes things.

end of rumination for today.....


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