Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the new "superblog"

well I have found

This network site seems to specialize in small interest groups especially the spanish and Portuguese users. there are many sites and group that are about spiritism and the "afro" spiritist religions.

I have brought over a number of my posts, to this site, they have a nice way to import many of the posts and images from blogger.

there almost certainly will be duplicate entries here, and I will probably leave them there unless they are right next to each other. some are from my visions and dreams writeup blog.

[where my visions and astral travel dreams are written up at. end time visions and ufo abduction experiences too!]

and others are from my usual rant blog that is also a photoblog

not all of the posts from these blogs are here, one can go to the sites and do a look and search. for instance: the alien abductions experiences did not make it to the list, go to the site to read of them!


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