Friday, November 21, 2008

my Door

my Door, originally uploaded by freestone.

my Door
the door to my small apartment, in the senior Home for Independant living.
"Georgia Belle".

the two pictures on the corners at the top of the door, are from the
Westminister calander for 2009, I cannot have the calander open in my room as the ink so bothers my lungs.
[many books and magazines I cannot comfortably read, my COPD lung irritations bother me! the national Geographic is now "Toxic Substance", the ink so bothers me!]
Prize winning portraits, from the Art Show judgings, apparently.

the "japanese" paper is where on "Asia day" on the park, where Asian people from different Asian countries had an exibition and that japanese is what my nane looks like in Japanese [? katikanie"]

the red-banded square is where someone sent to me a card.

the two pictures of the animals and of the people, are from the Watchtower magazine, from the Johovah's witness people. they have such good illustrations of what the heavens will be like, when we all get there, only they think that these "paradise" worlds will be here on earth.

Yes, my Door, nearly every door here, of the 160, or so, people, have something on them. But I note that many men have nothing on their door whatsoever except the mandatory nametag.

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