Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a post to the MAC infection forum.

I had to take a trip to the lake city, Florida veterans hospital for several evaluations, to see if I actually HAD the MAC condition.

I went last week for the actual evaluation of this, and to see if i needed treatment.

my doctor, there, told me that there is a difference between being INFECTED with MAC, or "COLONIZED" with Mac bacteria. the "colonization" is where it is just "there" sitting in my lungs. Apparently with a damaged lung, like with my condition, any lung that has damage to it is a sitting duck for mac to colonize and maybe to begin to infect.

My lung scan, in May, showed "a mass". turns out that mass was Pneumonia, with a Mac colonization. that is the good news, for sure. the antibiotics removed the pneumonia and I had two antibiotic courses, two weeks, one after the other and one of the them was one of the three they use for mac.
then he told me a sobering thing, people: that the currant treatment for mac, there, is a TWO YEAR antibiotic treatment! Then he told me that he has two patients that are on antibiotics for LIFE!!
[but some aged vets are in very VERY bad shape, say maybe 80 years old and have ruined lungs!]

he really did not want to treat me as the side effects from the three antibiotics can be horrendous!


very good, I praise the lord!

then the small bad news!
---he says that "the mac is always there, just waiting to be infectious!"!

the then cautioned me to get the flu shots, keep currant with my pneumonia shots and then say AWAY away away from people with colds and flu and to wash my hands a lot and keep away from places of Contact with colds and lung diseases!
[there goes, perhaps, my trips to maybe see my aunt in upstate new york: seems everyone who flies, trains, buses, gets a cold as a part of the trip, a "required" side effect of a trip!!]

so there. be neurotic, now, about colds!