Friday, October 17, 2008

living with the depression

" people in the financial and economic realm know that's what it's adding up to and no real chance to escape it, and they are trying to figure out how to break it to us. What is being said is deep, prolonged, duration unknown

I think they stick to the term recession to avoid panicking people. I don't necessarily agree with that tactic, but I sort-of understand it.


a post to a forum in reply, a reply about living in the Depression, recession.

hi all...

well I never ever earned more than about minimum wage, in my life of 67 years. I had a cottage on Cayuga lake, once, sold it as i eventually Intuitively knew that its Time was over, too too much development around it for me to continue to enjoy it.

Thus i recall the good times. Also I know that everything that I do, or buy, or use, must be Returned to the construction shack at the end of the day, everything is a "loaner", as I journey through this life on the way to the heaven that is there and the heaven that I VISIT several times a week in my astral travel dreams!!

Someday I would expect to live in a nursing home, dependant upon everyone for everything, but of course my dreams tell me otherwise, they tell of "civilization ending in two more years"!!

so suppose it is so, for the argument's sake, that we all go slowly down the economic tubes followed by the earth's parallel synchronetic response: volcanoes, and cold and ruin, "Rome" falls!
then...I would do this, as the news people might tell me, "the asteroid is on collision course, in one month a direct hit and it is 100 miles across"!

I would tell myself, then:
it was a good life. I had some technological toys. a cottage. walks in many many countrysides, in Indian summers that never seemed to end.
but winter always comes.

would i cease to enjoy the May and June lovely summers, living in upstate new york, where it snows 50 to 100 inches a year, even knowing that in a few months the temperature might be 10 above zero fareihight, with a 40 mph wind, killing everything of plants?![when I lived up there in the 90s, on one may morning, I took a walk out into the wonderful may day, on a rural road, after having an end time vision of great ruination, I had this intuitive seeing, above, that upstate new york goes through "end times" each year as winter comes!!

I would enjoy what may, June, July, august, has for me, to know the pretty summer, to live in it. I would know that at summer's end, there will be yet another next year, just as i know that the tombstone is a door into heaven.

I came here to enjoy the freedom and the goods and the knowledge. even though I could never afford a yearly subscription to the new york times, I could find copies on tables in the cafes. I cannot afford cable Internet, but there are three libraries here in Tallahassee that have good connections, I am in the very corner, now, of the Florida state University library that i sat in in 1960 when i was a student! literally one table over from my favorite 1960 table.

[I can enjoy even the small things in life]

I must be able to accept that all of this could be gone some day. my cafes close. the libraries close. only potatoes for sale in Publux. my senior home might not even exist. my computer dies and i cannot afford to fix it.

even if there is no depression for another 50 years and no earthchanges either for 50 years, my OWN end times, my own dwindling of "things" is just over the horizon. soon i will have to use several days a week for doctor visits, I will not feel as chipper and healthy as i used to. soon, the Walker and cane, maybe a wheelchair and Oxygen tank for my damaged lungs. then maybe a veterans Home, a nursing home for vets. then the flowers and the gravestone.
Here i am at 67, in fair health, knowing that this too will occur to you all, old age and death. your own end times will come, for some fast, for some slowly.
the ambulance comes to my senior home about three times a month; everyone who lives there just knows that someday it will come for them!

while i would not want to live in a cardboard box, in the woods, living on "nothing", feeling cold all of the time and fearing the mobs also scavenging, I always have to ACCEPT this possibility!
as the shaman says...."in order to be able to live, one must first accept being able to be killed. Once one's death is accepted, then one is free of the Fear of losing all things around you"

the Violin only sounds nice when the bow is moving across the strings: life is nice sounding only when it is being lived. Thus enjoy what one has, now, learn from the goods that one has, accepting that they all will either Go Away, someday, or that you will go away from them! [old age].

so learn to enjoy the simple things, like i sense how i can walk a couple of blocks on a nice Tallahassee Indian summer October day, whereas many many other people need to feel that they have to take a 1000 mile trip and to spend $1200 for the hotel and the gas, just to have such an experience.

INDIAN: "white man build a fire 4 feet high and then stand back 20 feet, we build our campfire to be 1 foot tall and then we sit three foot from it, the same amount of comfort, but with much less bother and cost of resources"!

one can enjoy anything, nearly, especially that the level of enjoyment is not related to the $$$ cost of the enjoyment. in times when the money does not exist, there are many ways to have happiness for less costs.
and NOT to feel depressed or deprived in doing so: this is cultural judgements at work!

even the old lady with her walker, when she comes into her room, at my Georgia belle senior home, she may write a letter to a friend, read her Bible for an hour, or just open the window and listen to that mocking bird that sings in the tree and often this bird can sing for an hour and not repeat one song! how much does one hour of mocking bird sing cost?!

so enjoy your life before the earthquakes come, or before you become senile with oldage!


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