Thursday, October 09, 2008

be aware of the psychic pollution around you!

a post on a psychi prediction forum.

psychic polution, beware of your Feelings, people!
Today at 18:10:14 hi all....

This here Freestone sits seriously and Ponderously, at the Library computer, this Thursday evening. I have just come from reading some of the predictions, here, others, all saying the same thing.
Another thing is, the constant "web bot" eggs" of picking up on the incoming mass actions and mass feelings, during the next few months.
Thus I feel inspired to give out here a distinct
a warning that is not of some great disaster or collapse, but of

"psychic pollution"!!

this is where one is, say, just sitting in her living room after supper and she is depressed and worried about "something". what she does not know is that she was "directed" to worry about something, and if her husband were to give counsel so that she would dispel this worry, another would spring up in its place and an endless line of worries are behind that one!


what she is picking up is the great collective worrying of the 5,000 people in her near and far neighborhood!! a sponge she is, a psychic em path! litmus paper picks up the water's acidness. the wind vane points to the direction of the wind. the worrying increases, amongst the people around her, even a non-psychic will pick this up.

here I am, a psychic empathic and i live in a senior home and one reason i spend so much time away from it is due to this, here are 161 people who face death, THEIRS, and all around them there is Reminders of their own passings!

thus as the recession, depression, etc...etc..increases in size and magnitude, everyone will be affected by this mental tidal wave of depression and fear! no escape, we all are in this collectively.
perhaps the only thing one can do is to go out into the countrysides. be alone from people. alas, if this gets very very much more intense, the very earth will carry this! then there will be NO escape, even out far far into the deserts!
Even the very earth will "earthchange" even the faster, due to the unravelling of the collective world economy.

there was a very very VERY "scary" meeting of people, in the middle 70s, in Elmira, new york. one of the "psychic sessions with a psychic teacher there. one of my psychic friends attended. he came back to Ithaca with a fearful tale! there was a certain topic discussed, through the medium, by her Guide. the topic was of and about the "great Elmira flood", where the water was so so deep that it covered the very second floor windows, of all of the houses in the valley.
it was Told that this flood was CAUSED. caused by the collective people's of the Elmira valley trying to wash out of this valley all of the dirt and filth of the economically depressed area! been "1930" there for 20 years, even before 1970!
thus...I am now slightly wondering if the great mass of peoples, of the world, will collective invoke some Cleansing action, to purge the earth of this stuff, maybe to "Nuke" it all away, atomically!!

while the previous statement is a bit of "over-active imaginations", I am slowly noticing the reactions of the 300,000 people of Tallahassee, to this all. be alot of people who will go home to live with mom, or to live in the woods or to just sit around depressed. if riots break out, the fear and worry will only increase.

thus my warnings, here, right now, would be to be aware of how the surrounding people will affect your moods and make them worse and then you will pass this bad mood on to others, in a continuing wider and increasingly intense circle. to bring each and all down, eventually, to "agreeing" that a collective "fin-de-sickle" might be needed, to trash and to burn our civilization to the ground!! then go back to 1810, where simple things count and everything is in utterly "black and white" thinkings!

to be away of the flood tide is to be able to possibly deal with it.

pray for protection and forgivenesses.