Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Rock Band Drummer

the Rock band Drummer!

Interesting guy, here, playing the drum. From India.

well known.

Listen to the cuts, especially the first one, the

Of Course this person is Sathya Sai Baba. The site I cannot read, most of this site is a recap of some of baba's teachings.
I found some very very strangely Interesting meditative insights, while I listened to this first cut, the "jai" several minute long piece.
----The feeling came to me, with Images, of some Great Being, the Over self of baba, in all probability, having an argument with the Masters of the Cultivation of the human race. This "dialogue" occurred before baba's birth in 1926.
A *real* strong argument. face to face with the masters and He was in utter disagreements!
the Issue?
---that as it stood, at that [1900?...1820? ????] time, in the upper heavens, the harvest of mankind, collectively, was going to occur at some very very immediate future, maybe like from 1996 to 2030, and that the masters insisted that about 10% to 15%, if that, of the incarnated people were "harvestible"! This meant that only about 10% of earth's people would be able to live in the New heavens to Come, to be able to live there permanently without any further forced earth incarnations. All of the rest were "not ripe", not developed enough in soul and spirit, to be able to live there. thus at this point, humanity would split into TWO groups, the first group would remain upon the incarnation earth cycles for maybe another 12,000 years, and if the earth were made ruined so that few people lived there, this "not passing the grade" 90%
of humanity, would then be transferred to another planet in the galaxy, another planet around another star.
the 10% that was of the "passing grade", are capable of living in the intense high vibrations of this new heaven, created out of the old heavens, just for them. they would then Ascend to live in this spirit plane and never come back again to earth unless for a special mission.
so *this* was what the argument was about: the masters saying that only 10% of humanity was harvestible, and on the other hand, this "pre-baba" insisted that nearly *ALL* of humanity should live there in this new spirit land!! that they *could* live there.
[shades of the woman at the well of Samaria!] that even "bad" people, like of the abortion doctors and child sexers, could somehow be of Worth and be worthey of being harvested!
this Entity wanted a 90% to 99% harvest of humanity!!
He thinks that nearly everyone can live in this new heaven.
Then he Incarnates, in 1926, as "baba"!
*this* is what i got in the "Jai" music, when I listened to it!
the Lament of baba for the 80%-plus, of humanity; that the old guard of the masters would condemn
to not being Qualified.
a heaven only for the Spiritual elite, thusly, they wanted!!
Baba wants a heaven for everyone, no matter how low society might place them, on the pecking order, the class order, or even the Moral order!
Thus somehow he might now be "working" on this.
[I have read that he tells people that there will be no major earthchanges during his lifetime and that he will die around 2021. that there will be a delay in whatever end times that was previously set up, before he was born!]
Did he somehow give a grace period, delaying the end times from 1996, as some major seers have seen?!
[some high entities might *WANT* the end times to happen NOW, as if so, then the rolls of humanity would then become CLOSED, meaning that maybe only the higher ranking moral people might be the only ones there: the longer the delay goes on, the more the chance is that
the "dregs" of humanity might somehow become "saved' and then be able to ascend with everyone else. they want the "riff-raff" to keep out of heaven!!]
the longer the Delay, the more these "dregs" might have a chance. why even the very Demons in hell might thusly be "saved" and will come into the new heaven, to live with the rest of us all!!
thus his real "enemies" are not those who would call him a "sex pervert", his real enimies would be of the likes of the "Sanhedrin", who would oppose him, in his assessments of mankind!
read: "most of the masters and saints of old", many of them with earthly Names prominent in the history books, in the religious and temple books!! some of the very high ascended masters, even!!
a *lot* to get out of one "song"!