Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what is difference between me and the Homeless?

homeless 4, originally uploaded by freestone.

homeless 4
the mural at the Homeless shelter. sometimes there are nearly 200 people here a night, in the winter. a good shelter.
"ALONE ALL ALONE, NO ONE CAN MAKE IT THERE ALL ALONE", is the Title of this mural.


hi all....

Yes I ask myself the Question, the question of the title of my post, "what is the difference between me and the homeless people"?!

I had to, today, ask myself this as on today's bus ride, as I sit up front, when I got off, i nearly stepped upon the foot of a handicapped, older, lady! she had her foot out so so far and my size 12 foot occupied all of the space in the isle.


Seems that I grit my teeth a bit when people walk by and nearly take me out with their umbrellas, their 50 lb briefcases, etc... Now I see that I am no different than they, the other passengars who pay more attention to getting on and off of the bus than they are of the people around them!

"but I NEED to watch only everything but my feet", I would kind of wail, if someone confronted me! How could i even get out of the bus if all i did was watch my feet in utter utter slooooow motion!

like many of the homeless and dysfunctional people, they are in "troubles" and they blame everything else but themselves, am I any different?! is ANYONE any different?!

I once talked for over an hour at an enraged homeless guy and his rage was so great that if he put his finger into an electric socket he would power the city for an hour. what was he so angry about?

why.....How the Mother-F***ers mess with him, disown him, blame everything on him, want him to go away and get him cured *THEIR* way of getting cured!

"yes we will help you if you take Thougbenzibrine three times a day" [gain 50lbs as a side effect!]. I had to end up agreeing 100% with each and every thing that he ranted about.

then how about the guy who was so so angry at a church where the secretary was so put off by his anger "at everything" that he went into the bathroom and shit and then smeared his feces all over the stall and bathroom walls! Goood thing he did not have a gun on him! But his anger might have stemmed from having 4,971 people dislike him because of his global anger and thus as he gets the angrier, more people want him to leave their presence. How could he stop being so? probably have someone take him into their home *as* a child and love him unconditionally

for maybe the rest of his life and if everyone in our country did stuff life this for the dysfunctional, maybe something could get done: but all of us would have to change the way we live 100%, first!

how could anyone install a higher life-purpose into the hearts of a dysfunctional homeless person, if the liberal left does not like "value systems"!

So here I sit, living in a senior home and sometimes i feel as just like them and I wonder how many other people will BE them, if the DOW falls to, say, 7000?!

How am i, or for that matter, anyone else, different than any of the homeless people? in my heart and mind, I probably have committed the same "sins" of negative stinking thinkings, and the same mindsets, as they. I will have to really "work on" from now on, when I see a homeless or dysfunctional person, to feel that there is absolutely no difference between he/she and myself, and for that matter, anyone else around them.

who is to say that the "suited men" with briefcases are really the dysfunctional people?!

when the Emperor is naked and only a few see his skin, the regular people will try to "cure" the seer!


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