Friday, September 26, 2008

from a game post in elderscrolls forums about which scaling mod people use, in Oblivion: francescos, MMM, or OOO

I got to post it as a type of "pity party" for me, i guess.


this thread is really an interesting Read! I am one of those "casual gamers", br Default as I wimp out for sleepyness at about 8PM, and earlyier if I use my 6PM time for talking to anyone!
much of my free time that I spend at the senior Home, is doing things with and for the other residents. I walk outside a lot, my NA genes Feel freedome to be outdoors in the open air; i cannot sit still in a chair for over 30 minutes! ADD.
Probably I will play the frans though to the end of the game, I have MMM also but maybe I should not use even that one.

There seems to be of several kinds of Players here, one that loves to overcome monsters, wants lots of monsters, good for people with short attention spans.
the other players seems to be the "origin of the mage guild" type of player who loves deep DEEP introvoluted quest mods with a very good story.
I am of that camp. immersion and story. but sometimes it is days before I play between sessions and "poof" the memory of what happened last week has Gone Away!

I See It Now: my Oblivion, and Morrowind too, will be like as if I am a Janitor with an IQ of 90, wandering into a cafe or library where there are books that are far far "above" me, and the people in the cafe all have doctor's degrees and they all are like those two film major kids that I recently overheard at a cafe, where one guy was telling the other guy about the ten foreign films that he saw last month and then he listed who played in each, who directed the movies, and most of the movies that were directed by these directors, plus what movies these actors also played in: all in about two minutes, talking like a mchine gun!!
I, in those two minutes, *might* be able to think of one movie and i would have no idea at all who played in it, or directed it.
Thus, I am tempted to just bash monster heads!! but no......I will not; I will wander around as a tourist, admiring the complexity of it all.

[beginning when I got out of the Air force, in 1968, every single job from then on, whther for years or of one week, was ALWAYS waorking for a lady boss, and always where I was at the very bottom of the employee pecking order. a janitor, for instance. Often everyone in the building was really my boss, thus I will probably approach my Oblivion the same way, as if I was the only freshman level student in a university that only has graduate students, fro other colleges, for students! been this way for exatly 40 years!]

a "rube" in new york city, to the max!!

not to mean to have this a "pity party", I would play, whther i would want to or not, a copy of my life. I might like TIE better, for a overhaul mod! to sneak around and not to disturb the Rulers in charge!
--is not playing a RPG partly in trying new role models?!

I answer with a true story, a story of someone that I knew about who was a grey vibrational clerk in a state office, a most mundane job, filing cabinents was his 1980 way of life.
he did have a dream though, to own a cadillac car!
one day a very very used one came on sale, near where he lived, only $500, and was looking in good condition: he bought it!
but alas, he sold it in three months!
----weeeeeell, he found that he could not live up to his dream! this car "asked" him to become a character that he could not support, after all, he was a grey clerk, not a bon-viant with the ladies who drove fast and took risks!
[never ever wear a hat with more character than your own; I read this somewheres]

I will probably try the "learning of stories and magic" approach, not the "kill anything that moves" way of gaming!