Thursday, September 04, 2008

Feeling the Florida Countryside

I took a long 90 mile each way trip yesterday, the Van took me to the lake city veterans hospital for a test for my lungs, along interstate 10, I could watch the countryside go by, from the good window in the rear of the van. I have no car, this is a "vacation" for me. The Hospital people had scheduled this trips weeks ago, I wanted to make a "vacation" out of this trip; i wanted to have a "feel" for the rural land outside of Tallahassee.

About four miles beyond the Interstate intersection, beyond the residential areas and the "raped land" of a couple of mall sites [what were they thinking besides $$$ ?!!], the wilderness began.
Looks like "Jungle".
*is* jungle!
---a solid wall of vegetation, so so thick that a machete would be a Tool, not a "show-knife"!
Vines on vines, subtropical plants. About every ten miles the interstate people made a few miles of a 60 foot vegetation barrier between the lanes. Only 60 feet wide, but it is a solid wall, I cannot see the other lanes, a green tunnel passing through!

I got into the rear of the van and was alone and no talkative vet besides me to talk away the time. Thus I was able to sort of meditate and Feel the countrysides. Each town had a lot of farms near them, then miles and miles of Real Jungle and a few farms, about five towns. In one area, near a town, I felt a Presence of a soul who left his mark on this town, a rambunctious extroverted countryman. In another area near my Tallahassee, I could feel the presence of the native Americans. The "still visiting" souls were bemused by what they saw, the white man's stuff, slightly confused, but not angry.

One of the things that I wanted to Ponder, on this trip, was my feeling of the possibility of a great collapse of civilization, via economy collapse or earthchanges. *was* there going to be such an event, soon?!


Not a single feeling of any kind of "doom"!

no feel of doom, no feel of "the other shoe dropping".

I *did* feel a bit of....."there is a choice of some sort, a choice that has not yet been made, on some profoundly deep level, of the Collective of humanity."!
"now"...."or later", was the slight feeling.

Either some end of civilizational event will occur within the next few years, or ELSE maybe not in our lifetimes even if you are now 8 years old! at least..."delayed" quite a few years yet.

There was no real feeling, from me, as to *what* would cause the end times to happen now or later!

Something, though, that would appear to an outside observer, to be small and unimportant.

In any event, I looked forwards to this trip for weeks, as it was an appointment, thus spirit had plenty of time to "arrange" any events for me to see or to experience.

At the end of the return trip, I had come to the Conclusion, in an intuitive way, that the Time of the end of the age is now here. there are no more collective karmas to be processed, no more real events.
[the Age rolls over to the next age, but we all are still here, no end time forced us all to Embrace this new age!]

but I had been shown, over several visiondreams, that the end times WAS to have happened, once in around 1996, again around 2004.
But not to be.


thus we all are now Actors upon the global stage and the script has run out and the last line has been spoken, but each of us is STILL HERE!
the curtain refuses to decently fall, the light switch is frozen to "on"!
no one can leave the stage, even if the drama has ended.
the Abyss, the canyon, of the Unknown faces us all, as even the END TIMES, as terrible as it would be, is a Comfort of a knowings that soothes us, even if this means utter death and the living envy the dead!
[the dread of "uncertainty" might be worse than a real catastrophe-ic end times!!]

thus I feel, at the end of this posting, that one reason why the feeling of global feelings, here, is that the end has past us all and we all and each is still here and there seems to be NO Lines to say, or dance to dance. We all are "waiting", waiting for ??????
thus the Unknown faces us, without Guidance evident.
Like: telling a joke but just as the punch line is ready to be uttered, the phone rings and the caller is your aunt from Ohio, and she has hours of talk to say; the guests who await the punch line, are out of luck, completely! they just sit there hanging, at the dinner table, and all evening long, too!

So here I was, enjoying the countrysides. Lots of time to ponder, the 95 miles pass soon enough, then also on the way back. The Visit, itself: another topic post on another day.