Tuesday, August 12, 2008

why some spirits do not like me: part II

given as a comment but the subject merits, to me, a post!
so here is another post about why some spirit, in my dream the other day, told me that he opposes me, opposes my Path.

If I have Jesus *as* a guide, and follow the mystical Christan path, then any soul, spirit, or earthly person will not like this if they are not on a Path of Spirit.
my childhood Interlaken, NY, hometown church had it where one Sunday the minister told us all of "how One should never ever marry an Unsaved person"!
I can now see very why!!--if i am saved and she is not, she is from "another Planet"! Our whole value systems are Utterly Utterly *Vastly* Different!! I live with the afterlife as a future, she lives with the idea that "power, money, material possessions" count for all as there is no life after death!
Also, a Spirit, in the afterlife, who has not that Connection with God, through the Christ Spirit, will not live there beyond the SECOND DEATH, which is begin born again on earth, reincarnating![a spirit guide once wrote...."souls celebrate *as* their birthday arrival in the spirit world, their death date on earth, and they die, their death date, *in* the heavens, as the day they reincarnate.]Thus when their spirit energy runs out, up there, they "fall down into the rabbit hole again", to reincarnate.But if one is Saved, then one is connected to the Christ, then one does not have to run out of energy and thus can incarnate if one wants to, only, one does not ever have to incarnate but I suppose many do, to help others, maybe.Thus some "black magic" spirits try to keep them selves from reincarnating by using and getting some more energy from people on the earthplane, by stealing it or bonding them to their path!
thus many many ways one can be "opposed" in the spirit worlds!