Saturday, August 02, 2008

People's vibes and Auras.

I sit at a public libary that is sort of "obscure", and they let people use one of the 15 computers all day long, if no one else comes in. Some of the Homeless people are literally there all day long and for every day of the week and sat. too.
I used to sit at a certain computer until a "certain" man began to use the computer next to me. Ya know, there are people with such intense auras and vibes that if you were to sit 15 feet away from them you are still in their field of aura
and you better and might as well begin a conversation with him as you *are* already!

but "intense" does not mean, often, "high level old soul"!

A month ago, someone began to sit at the next computer over and his vibes are "sleazy"! I cannot even concentrate on my typing, if he is next to me, unless it is of the most technical stuff.

But I fear that it is of this "stuff" unless I pay the $700 a year for telephone and internet connection just for dialup!

Moral: better be aware of the people that you are going to sit near IF you are a psychic Sensitive!! Better not sit at that wonderful "Moosewood Resturant" supper, if the person next to you is angry or in a bad mood! I find that i can *never* ever "transcend" such vibes as I feel his feel more than he often feels himself!
[have to "cure" him or leave: as if this feeling is mine alone!]

I once saw two people standing next to each other; one person was real real fidgety, the other stood calmly.
But I knew, or rather *felt* who the antsey person was! the calm person, on the OUTSIDE, but inside he was a buzz of discordant mental energy. The antsey physical person next to him was just being *Calm* by standing like a cork in a flooded river, bobbing with the flow of things!

[I can well See, and Know, why the Baptist preacher says, "never ever marry an Unsaved person"! why? because that other person, not saved, and you are, is "from Mars", from nearly another race of beings, the difference is so so profound!]

I have been Told, in my dreams, that some of my Sensitivity has been removed for my own Protection! After all, I live in a city of 300,000 and I live in a senor Home of 160 people. Probably about 40% of the people, here, take anti-depressant drugs and I can well see WHY! Most have lost their wife/husband and many go right to the Currant News, the REAL news, first, in the morning's paper: the Obituaries!
To see whom they know that have died. How would you like to live where most of what you once loved, the 1950s way of life is now Gone and you are too too old to readily learn tatooing or dulcimer playing, thus most of today is beyone you, most of the 2001s are Mars! Thus you wait at the Bus Stop for the Hearse to come by to pick you up!