Friday, August 15, 2008


The other day i got a letter from a psychic friend, someone who has visions and dreams and other psychic events, events like of the last one that he had, days ago.

He was standing, waiting for a bus, when essentially his eye vision became very very "strange", like of a fugue state that sometimes happens when Spirit is communicating.
His head was directed to look at a sign on a truck, or vehicle, the only word that was highlighted was the word


He fears a bit that there will be a pandemic soon.

but *will* there be?!

The Nature of Visions again! Cayce saw that California will fall into the sea, was he wrong?

I, myself, had a vision of an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault, sometime, and a town below a hill had a tidal wave!
[danger danger in the Midwest! if the new Madrid has a bad quake the tidal waves from destroyed dams, of the 50+ dammed up lakes, will flood the downriver cities!]
At the end of this vision i was shown a map of the USA and most of North America was Islands: looked like the Philippines! *will* I be wrong?!

for Cayce and me being wrong?


both of us, I think, were seeing into the Deep Time future! Like millions of years from now, California will have pulled away from North America, continental drift, and the Nebraska sea may come back, the land sinks, for the east coast.
In Spirit there is no time, time becomes stranger and stranger as one goes up the planes.

But a Pandemic?

In ten years, in 200 years, in 4000 years: but what counts is if this vision is for like three years with a 60% kill rate!! But again, when a psychic is Given a vision, then one would have to ask "who" gave it through this psychic!! A psychic is often like a communal blog, anyone with basic
credentials can post there, and do. Any spirit who is "with" this psychic could indeed give a message, for whatever reason. To warn, to create fear, to feed on uncertainties, to urge people to prevent such an event; many reasons.

These are "ifty" times, the terrible astrological aspects are only beginning to happen, and will last for years and years.