Friday, August 08, 2008

I am opposed, in the astral worlds!

I had a small dream the other night, just someone showing me a letter with a line of print on it, the line more or less just said,

" [??]rrol opposes you"!

At first I thought that it was someone that I knew who turned against me later in his life, it could be.
Then this morning I had a "just before awakening" sort of small dream that expanded a bit on this.

That there are, in the lower heaven worlds, groups of souls that want to reinforce
VICES in the souls below them, in the lower astral worlds, below the astral worlds, and on earth.
These entities are higher in levels than the souls who do these "Vices", but these entities derive their power from the focus given to them from all of the people below, involved in whatever that "vices" word means.

--I suppose these are "drinking, gambling.....etc..etc...the "Standard Christian vices"!

Needless to say, these Controlling souls are *not* looking to advance to higher levels in heaven, they are maintaining their position as they think that this is the last level that there is, in heaven; by maintaining their level there, they will not have to reincarnate again upon the earthplane!!

Of course I am just writing out the Standard Idea of "demons and Satan and the sins" idea of Christianity!

There is a bit more to this, though!
my friend who might have been referred to: he was a powerful Indian Shaman, in a past life, and I feel that in his present earth life, before he died, he did not like to become a "white man's way"
person! He did not take advantage, perhaps, of his incarnation opportunities, to learn what the 20th century could teach and show to him! "behind" him ,in spirit, there were many many shamans "with" him. All wanting to maintain their position in the spirit world.

Very very similar to the "vices" controllers! Even today, many souls who were Native American Indians, in the past life, want to go back to their ancient ways, ways which are now Outdated for them. Like of a 6th grader wanting to go back to 5th grade.

Many many shamans, i read, have no "love"! they operate via the control and power Way! they are thus feared, not loved, in their village, they could make life very miserable for anyone who they dislike, by occult means! And no love between shamans either! Only room for one shaman, the other must die, thus they fight each other.

I, myself, would want to synthesise, I would want the best of the shaman Way to be synthesized with the White Man's way! After all, the 6th grader uses 5th grade stuff, I would want even the Christ-centered soul to have a good standing in the astral shaman world, and vis versa! To bring these ways together.