Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"go to work"!

This morning, people, I heard the Mantra yet again, from someone who sees the homeless wandering about the downtown of Tallahassee, and she says, "they need to get a job, to Go To Work"!

Then she told me some about her childhood life, she says that in her family of over 10 kids, if someone does not work, they do not eat! Everyone got up at 4 AM and worked , ALL of them, all day long, back in the Great Depression days.
I knew of a local Greek restaurateur, who came from Greece with $50 in his pocket and he opened a restaurant here in this city, years and years ago. Naturally he worked long long hours nearly ever day of the week. A server once saw him tossing the leftover cornbread into the trash, after dinner, she told him that he could donate it to the local church to feed the poor. he Abruptly told her, "I came here with $50 in my pocket and I *WORKED* hard for what I now have, THEY CAN TOO"!!

"THEY CAN TOO"!.......that is the "magic word" here!

There are several generational gaps at work here, in the 2000s. The older generation, who Knew the depression and WW II, they see life as something where one must work hard for every little thing and "life is hard", and one must hoard and "everything goes bad"!
their solution for the homeless is Simple: Get A Job!! even if it is cleaning the vats at the Arsenic factory, dawn to dusk 6 days a week, and die of arsenic poisoning at age 32, it is A JOB!
"I worked like a dog: they must too"!

Someone changed the rules in the middle of the game play, today! I see how there are different life agendas, different collective challenges for people, for souls, in this currant incarnational age. The older generation canned their dreams and hopes, placing them in boxes in the attic, like my mother did in the 1930s, where she placed her college artwork and her teachers certificate, so that she could raise her family. We found these things in 1975, after she died. My sister told me of how, in the 1940s, she heard my mother sneak out at night to play the piano, and play it very very well indeed! But these "arts" were not to be done, "work" is so so so much more important, after all, from 5 to 20 people depended upon your work, so you repressed it all.
I once had a man talk to me for four hours non-stop, telling me of how he did this, work from dawn to dusk 7 days a week for life and now is is very very angry as NOW all of the kids, he says, are now dancing the dances that he could not and HE IS PAYING THEM TO DO IT OUT OF HIS OWN MONEY!! he pays taxes, social security, etc, to fund the people on SSI and welfare and food stamps, all he sees is that now they all are living their dreams that he could not and doing it on his money to boot!
--you could have had him put his finger in the electric socket and his anger could have powered the city for over an hour!!

Is he right?
Are the kids of today right?!
has the spiritual Program changed, in the collective unconscious, and these older people cannot keep up?! I think so.

Actually, I have seen a number of Hippies, in the 70s, around Ithaca, new york, *want* the next great crash to happen, or that civilization end through earthchanges, so that their "survival commune rural" way of life could then be Realized! Yes, go back to 1820, where women stayed in the house to raise the kids and cooked and cleaned and the man works dawn to dusk; all now in "survival mode"!

---for if they did this, they would not Have To Choose, not to choose amongst the 1,000,000
choices of what the modern life has to offer, both "good" and "bad", like of the cafeteria lady, who was in her 70s, lost her husband, was of that Depression generation, where for a lady the man was *supposed* to do her thinking *for* her; now she was Alone, facing the 15 kinds of desserts and the 18 kinds of salads, she was a ship without a rudder, wheel, sail, anchor, motor!
She was *incredibly* Flustered and "beside herself" with indecision, she could not choose *which* one to order, she had no idea as to which one she wanted.
So these Hippies wanted the simple life where an Authority made the choice for them!
In fact, as the couple of years went by, I saw a number of my friends join cults, cults that
gave them this great opportunity: to have someone make all choice for them! I never ever saw these friends again. I once saw a couple, wearing white robes, get on the Greyhound bus, to go to Chicago to live in the "Ashram", of the Cult.
[Nowadays, the "cult" is liable to be where the "kids" join a different kind of Cult, like of
eating only a certain kind of food make a religion out of it, or Bond with the "9-11 movement", where Simple answers to all of the world's problems, are put forth! Now each and every issue has that One Simple Answer For!]

So much more of a subtle and deep spiritual Challenge for soul growth, is to have those million choices and to be able to use this great freedom of this age, to grow in soul/spiritual Understandings; if the world were to "end", via war or Volcano Yellowstone blowing up, why the Lessons would END, would they not? Then back to "survival mode"! But we all have done that mode before, all of us, a thousand times before, in past lives!! Over and over and over yet again!
[my "par idem" symbol of this Choice: to win the 15 million dollar state lottery and now you have taken the "30 payments" option, now you get $250,000 a year after taxes!

*WHAT*, sports fans, *will* you DO with all of this money?

that 1950s TV program, "THE MILLIONAIRE", each episode a stranger would be given a million dollars, and some people made good of it, other were destroyed. "choice", yet again.

So I would not want the end times to come for quite a while to come! I want to see the Lessons continue, as it is far far *more* challenging, I see here, to deal with Abundance, than with Poverty! "abundance", whether in money or Information, forces each of us to Choose, to choose between this or that path, thing, knowledge, and for many of us, this is too too much to handle, so that a "one choice which decides all future choices" route is taken. Fundamental Christianity, yes, but also a food cult, 9/11 conspiracy cults, or just to marry a strong person and let him/her
do all of the thinking!

Right this moment at this library, there are about five homeless people on the computers. They come every day, and stay from opening until closing time and often for 6 days a week! They are not Working, of course, which infuriates some of the building staff, who sees them coming in!
"get a job", they say, those of that older generation.
But what choice-lessons are being learned, by these homeless, as they surf the Internet? who is to say but Spirit what they are learning?! For all one knows, they might be learning more per day than that person who has that boring clerk or construction job!