Monday, August 04, 2008

dream interpretation: an art and a science. How to!

Dream interpretation.

Lots of books written, lots of people's ideas. here are a few of my own observations.
---Whatever is shown, the meaning of the object or event is anything but that!
If you dream of, say, an apple, it might mean "a pear"! But not an apple!
---Everything is symbolic, even the Spirit-given spiritual dreams.

[I once spent 30 minutes trying to help a lady interpret a dream where there was a kitchen and blackberries were served by her mother. Then the 30 minutes into the help-interpretation, she told me that it was not blackberries at all, it was "strawberries"! I lost my cool, got a bit riffed at her; I told her that I would have to begin again: 30 minutes wasted! Every bit of that dream hinged upon that one "minute" symbol!!]
MORAL: recall every tiny bit of stuff, in your dream recollections. The "surround" is of utter importance, maybe even much much more important that the object focused upon.
[notice certain paintings, the surround gives the character that is focused upon, his character.]
Like: if you dream of your grandmother standing in her yard and in the dream you see a hop toad on the grass, this toad is meaningful to the meaning of the grandmother.

--many dreams are a mixture of astral travel and earthly life. you might actually have had an Out of Body Experience, but you see only the events, in this vision, that you can understand from your life experiences; thus you might awaken thinking that you went to see your hometown high school, complete to the classrooms from 1964, but in Reality you were taken by angels to a School in the heavenworlds. The building looks a bit "otherworldly", in local reality, but the only way that you can "take this image home with you to your awakened daily life, is to "remake" this image into something that makes sense to you: your childhood school!

---These astral and heaven places are MORE Real than the earthworld places as these heaven places will still be there even after the earthplane places are only rubble!
I have read of places that have been "there" for thousands of years! As long as people need the places, they will be there.

--Sleeping on your back, i have found, stimulates the more astral travel dreams, you might have more of then by sleeping thusly!

---Pray for angels and guides and a wish to experience; then you might be taken to see heaven places.

---keep a journal of some sort, to record your dreams.

There. not a complete guide by any means, but just some comments upon dreaming. I have actually known some men who are PROUD that they never ever dream! And proud that they only sleep 3 hours a night.
There is a 85 year old man at my senior residence, Georgia Belle, who goes to bed at 2 AM and then gets up at 5 AM, and has done so for most of his 80+ years. he is the "salt of the earth", a garage mechanic from south Georgia. They do not make them anymore, i guess. Recite the Boy Scout Oath: *this* is what he is like, then add some good old christian fundamentalism, without the zealot conversion rants!!
"The Earth", he is....Literal and pragmatic, just the kind of guy who you would want to be beside you in your car when it breaks down at 11 PM on rural route 22!
But do not ask him about the modern age or about things of the mind or metaphysics!

[contrast and compare] ---to some new agers who i have known who DO dream a lot and have fantasy lives richly, but cannot even use a toaster or a water faucet without a meltdown of confusion.
[seriously]: i have seen all all too many psychic new agers who were utterly spacey and nearly void of any "common sense", being Prey to any emotional storm or fixation upon something like a "one kind of food is all you need"! I have known of Crystal using people who might have a powerful quartz Crystal to accentuate
some area of their chakras, only to become utterly emotionally unbalanced: *would* you make a chair with one leg 13 inches longer than the other three legs?!