Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Deceased sister had Jesus in her heart

Deceased sister had Jesus in her heart
My sister, Suanna Wilson, died in march of 1986, and I spent months and months working on her estate. [500+ boxes in a warehouse!]

There was a "chance" encounter with a painting, a painting that
I had to late draw out from memory, which is this image above.

The Message was that my sister had Jesus in her heart: as if there were two souls in her heart, Jesus's and hers!

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Jun 08, 9.13AM EDT.


I will add yet more to this image's interpretation, as I have a feeling as to what was conveyed, here, to me.

Each plant leaf is the soul's reach into a plane of heaven. Reincarnation will cease as being *Necessary* at the 4th level, the 4th leaf, of heaven. Notice that the leaf of Jesus sort of "pushes" her 4th leaf over to be onto the land, having Jesus in her heart now keeps her from experiencing the SECOND DEATH, which I infer to be "Reincarnation again onto the earthplane"!

Note too that this Jesus "comes down" from the 2nd plane into the first plane, the first leaf. that 1st plane is our earthplane, thus Jesus is not of the earth, where my sister is, her 1st leaf is of the earth.

4 plane = "Home base in heaven"

5th = place where one can synthesize all of the past lives, in retrospect.

6th = now the soul looks Upwards to god, standing on the mountain top looking up. the center of gravity is now upwards, the "hanged man" of the tarot cards.

7 = merging into God, or Joining the galactic community of Transcending Souls.

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