Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I tire of reading terrible prophecies!

hi all....

---from a prophecy forum prediction, where "they" predicted total economic collapse, riots, wars, and other terrible stuff happening over the next few years!!

here is my reply to this thread....


I left the 8 PM library computer a bit depressed, over this long article.

I have read of this before, the "eggs" project, and all: I had wondered whether they were tapping into Realness or else maybe the *concerns*
of the collective humanity.

I have recently discovered a wonderful way to tap into "Realness", when it comes to finding out about subtle realities, some portions of which lie in the spirit worlds.

I am doing a "take" on what Jarl Jung calls the "ANIMA"! For a man, this is the portion of the soul that "interfaces" with the awake man, called "the Animus" for a lady.
"the Face of the Soul", in other words.

What i am beginning to do, now, is to Imagine what She looks like and then Talk to her, in imagination, and then see if I hear her reply back to me. Works far best if the Anima lady is connected to Christ, or to at least the highest Spiritual levels of reality!

So as I walked home from the library, I asked Her about this long article.

"below the Apse", she says: an Image comes with this sentence.
the image was of a roofed building where the roof was in an arch, like of seeing from the end, a pitched roof house. At the top of the roof was another floor, where there was the Level where She got her information from: kind of hard to describe in words what I mean, here, the words would take pages to write.

what she MEANT was clear: that this information of the Rense report, and/or the interpretation of it, the prophecy of it; comes from a level of spirit that is BELOW the level of spirit of where the Ascended masters [to give a name to this] have their plans and hopes for humanity. In other words: the information comes from the "8th grade level", not from the Curriculum planners level, not from the Office of the cirriculum next to the principals office, in high school earth!

"why", i then asked.
---"to disseminate fear, to create fear and worry". A group of souls do this for their own ends. i did not ask who and why.

I then asked if anything could be told me about the Curriculum planners, themselves, plans for the people's of earth, in the next one to four years: could She shed any light on what IS planned from the highest level, for us all....

I got an answer, people....

"Spiritual revivals, of various types, happiness, influx of goodness and Spirit, from on high, revivals of goodness, truth, love, in the people, here and there and increasing through time, over the next few years.
[like: religious revivals, spiritual revivals, and better ways of living and thinkings, for the non-religious]
A feeling, as I heard this, from her, that there *would* be the higher gas prices and the ever problematic economic woes and the politics, earthchanges, etc.
Not to the extant that is foreseen in the "eggs" and the Rense article, though.
[grit my teeth: that there also was a feeling that this "Revival" could infer a *real* total upheaval of the earth, in a very very short period of time so that all of us, nearly at the same time, will arrive into the new heaven more or less together, then the Spiritual revival begins, there. She would not tell me one way or the other, if this revival is for "here", on earth or "there", in the Ascension-lands!
[this ascension would happen far FAR faster than what Rense infers, would "come out of the blue, in hours!]

anyway: I would feel that this revival occurs here on earth, at least for the next few years, myself. to maybe get us all READY for this ascension-to-come, years and years from now.

do not listen to the fear mongers! their Hook is that there is no other reality to life beyond the grave, that this worldly life IS all, then their fear hooks you! As long as you know that you will live in the spirit world after you die, then anything that happens here to you on earth, in the next few years, has a level of "not real" to it!
Ah...but if you "life meaning eggs" are all in the one basket of the material earth, then your money, your property, your personal control and power, COUNT FOR ALL; thus the fear mongers play on this fear of Loss, to get you to fear and to worry, sending them energy for them to use, for their own ends.

As the "Titanic" goes down, the Band *should* play on, as what happened when this ship sinks! As if the band members know that there is life after death. everyone else is in a panic. of course, the level-headed passenger will seek out the lifeboat and life preserver, just as a level headed person will buy a gas friendly car and maybe move away from Mt baker or other geological dangerous places, and avoid, thusly, the dangerous events of earth, politics, and economy.
The panicking passenger, on the planet earth, will just worry endlessly and then do radical things to assuage this fear, the flood of change might short out the connection to spirit, just like someone who hates the liberal left might enter a new age meeting with a gun and shoot people, in his livid rage!

I, myself, would like to see this "Revival": the Lady did not tell me in what form this would take. I had the Impression, people, that this revival would not necessarily be *of* a literal church revival. I have the feeling that there will be a lot of people Doing Good Things, like reviving dying downtowns, helping the seniors, solving food and money problems of the poor, here and there, all over the world, and increasing over time!

do not Fear! God is Love and Mercy and Goodness; the new testament says that. too too many people still live in the "Old Testament way of life", even if they are not Christians!!