Tuesday, July 22, 2008

dead person visits me in my room!

Here it is, the 22 of July already. Strange and Interesting how people and events bleed into people's lives!
here at the Senior Home that I live in, there was a lady that for years stood a kind of "watch"
at the front desk area and the nearby entrance benches. She had very loud vocal opinions on everything under the sun, usually in a raspy loud Tone. She was from Boston, and for some readers this is enough to know how loud she could rant!

she passed away in the middle of May. The relatives at the funeral showed pictures of when she was younger, "a powerful canon, all of her life", they said. [Type A behavior]

I liked her energy and enthusiasm, even though the critical remarks were often a bit "negative"
against anything and everything.

The night after she died, I went to bed as usual. In the middle of the night I got up to use the bathroom, I usually do, the cups of coffee go right through, and low and behold the kitchen stove light was on! In the five years that I have lived in this room, i NEVER ever left the stove on. It was on all right, the knob was just at the lowest setting.

I think that she paid to me a visit and did this, did this to let me know that she lives in the afterlife, and that also there is a connection between her and I!

[when my 1975 mother was killed in the accident, a few days later my father came home to discover that my mother's vacuum cleaner, was ON!! father had left it on the floor plugged in, halfway through a cleaning job. This vacuum was so so loud, he would never ever walk away with it still on. Took a LOT of effort to move that switch: yes Mother came to visit to let him know that she still lives!]

---from my father's account, above, I know that is was her that came to my room to turn the stove on.

"stove on = "energy".
maybe she gave to me some of her life energy, as she died unexpectedly and suddenly, turning some of it over to me!!

MORAL: when any "miracle" happens, the miracle alone is not enough to know, one should examine the MEANING of the event to see what the message might be for you!